Saturday, March 31, 2012

DK's Comments On The Keystone Pipeline

I posed a question about why all the concern over leaks with the Keystone Pipeline to a group of friends and here is dk's response.
There are probably more miles of pipeline than there are road miles and how often do you hear of leaks, etc.? Remember all the problems the Alaska pipeline was gonna cause? Probably been more train wrecks than pipeline problems. When I flew in the Gulf, I once had a job to test the polarity of the transmission lines. I flew a guy all over southern Louisiana to make sure the pipelines had the correct electrical charge on them so they didn't rust (at least not as fast as normal). They don't just stick them in the ground and leave them. And they mark their location to prevent the most common accident of digging into one. This will be a big transmission line well marked and hard not to see.

I'm scratching my head at the president because he comes to our state and acts like he has been the one to promote and okay this part of the pipeline. Now he has reversed his position and doesn't want the oil companies to have subsidies. What subsidies?

Despite the high cost of fuel, Democrats are insisting on pushing a plan to raise taxes that they themselves admit 'will have no impact on gasoline prices.'

Don Smith explains what he said when he was running for the office of president and what he says now when he is the president.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu testifies before congress on 2-28, telling Rep. Alan Nunnelee of Mississippi that the administration goal isn't to lower the cost of oil and gas, but to get us off of fossil fuels. 2-29-12

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