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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Abraham Daniel Duerksen Family Photo 1920

Info given by Greg Pilgrim:   "A J Duerksen in the back row on the right.  In front of him is Clara Flinn Duerksen holding Carolyn Louise Pilgrim Duerksen.  The baby in the front row on the left is Thelma Jean Duerksen, the daughter of Abraham J  and Clara Duerksen who died in 1922.  The boy sitting on the lap in the middle of the picture is George A Duerksen the son of Abraham J and Clara Duerksen."

 A.D. / Abraham Daniel Duerksen family

Front row seated left to right: 
Mary Sarah Duerksen holding on her lap Thelma Jean Duerksen.
A.D. / Abraham Daniel Duerksen  (father of the family)
George A. Duerksen  (small boy in front)

Lawana is the name that keeps coming to mind for the little girl behind George.
Susanna (Richert) Duerksen  (mother of the family)
Clara (Flinn) Duerksen (Clara is holding on her lap her daughter Carolyn Louise Pilgrim Duerksen)
Back row standing left to right:     

Abraham Nuefeld Wiebe (my grandfather)
Anna Duerksen
Daniel Duerksen
Rose Duerksen
A.J. / Abraham Joseph Duerksen ( I hope I got the middle name correct)

If I remember correctly, my mother told me that Lawana was not a member of the family but stayed with them. If anyone has information on this little girl in the middle of the picture standing behind the small boy, please leave a comment or email me. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Little Tyke

More Family

I'm the little tyke sitting on the sidewalk in front of the gentlemen with the white shirt and tie and hat.