Monday, March 26, 2012

Keystone Pipeline

Every time I research the Keystone Pipeline I get a lot of hits on the negative aspects of it. Most of the debate centers around water in Nebraska. I am concerned about water also. I have heard pro and con on this subject. We need crude, gas, oil to live, drive, and run the nation. We also need water. I was reading a Web site tonight that is in favor of the pipeline, I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and it was the Keystone pipeline company name at the bottom of the page. I'm going to try to do more research before deciding what my position is.

I don't like what I've read about TransCanada Corp. trying to use emanate domain and taking people's property.

I don't like big giant corporations running over citizens any more than I like big government running over citizens.

Yet, we need to drill for oil, gas, crude to meet our own countries needs. I'm wondering why we need to ship oil from Canada when we have enough of our own and all we need to do is drill for it? I'm wondering how gas can be safely piped to my home and millions of other homes with little risk? I'm wondering about Nebraska's Ogallala aquifer and how many other pipelines run close to it? Are there any other pipelines in this area? If so how many are there? How long have they been there? What do they have in the pipelines? And most important, have there been any accidents? Lots of question to be answered.

Just wondering?

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