Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today the OK Humane Place Clinic had a day for vaccines for dogs and cats. I love this place. I paid $10.00 for FVRCPC yearly vaccination and $10.00 for Ivomec or Pyrantel (general de-worming). Next month they will have another clinic and I'll take CeeCee for her Tapeworm de-worming and possibly a Frontline treatment. They each cost $10.00. I'd like to have her Microchip too. They charge $20.00 for the Microchip.

CeeCee went out this morning about 3:00 am to do whatever cats do at 3:00 am. She came back in at 5:30 am to nap until 10:00 am. I didn't feed her but let her go out to use the sandbox. She took off like lightening. I finished getting ready to take her to the clinic for her vaccinations. I prepared her cat carrier with news papers just incase she had to relieve herself. I had never put her inside this pet carrier before so I put on a pair of gloves that protect hands from cuts. I prepared the car placing rugs over the seats and I started trying to find CeeCee. I called, whistled, yelled for her to come home for about 15 minutes. No cat. Wondering what to do to get her to come home I decided to sweep up fallen tree leaves thinking she would show up about the time I was ready to put them in a bag. I was right. She popped out of no where. I had her eat some of her dry food to which I had added Bach Pet Rescue Remedy. While she ate the nibbles I put a drop of the Pet Rescue Remedy on her back and rubbed it in. Then I placed her in the pet carrier. It was a tight squeeze but she could turn around inside the carrier. Then it was off to the clinic.

She seemed a little nervous when I took her carrier out and walked up to the clinic. There were a lot of people and pets waiting for the wonderful savings provided by the OK Humane Place Clinic. I filled out the papers, and paid $20.00, and waited. I wondered if CeeCee would be calm when she was given her shots. The lady who took CeeCee back for her shots asked me if she was a nice cat and I told her that CeeCee had come to us as a six month old stray who was starving. I couldn't guarentee that CeeCee would be nice when given her shots. When they returned her to me I asked how she did and the lady said that she was very calm and didn't seem to mind when given her shots.

CeeCee didn't soil her carrier, she was calm when given her shots, and calm when she returned home. She was ready to eat and then she sat in a sunny window for about 30 minutes. After sunning herself she came in my office and sat on my lap to be petted for a while and then she was ready to go outside again.

Thank heaven for Bach Pet Rescue Remedy. The box says it is Natural Stress Relief for Pets, alcohol-free formula, veterinarian recommended, safe and gentle, Homeopathic.

I've used Bach Pet Rescue Remedy once before when I took her to the veterinarian. She sat on the table and let the vet examine her ears and listen to her heart without moving. If I don't give her the Rescue Remedy she has to be held down. I highly recommend Bach Pet Rescue Remedy for your pets when you take them to the vet, if there is an earthquake, tornado, or other stressful situation. I purchased it at Akins.

CeeCee's Zzzzzzzzz

See CeeCee's paw helping me move my mouse at the computer?

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