Friday, May 6, 2011

The Terror of Monsters and Political Monsters

The image below expresses Obama's feelings about us. Focus on the eyes.

The eyes say what's going on in his head.

Personally, I think the killing of Osama bin Laden is all one photo opt for Obama. I wonder if it's okay to use the death of a monster to further a political career? Yah, sure it is. I'm hoping it's the death of a political monster's career.

What a braggered. Taking credit for the work done by Navy Seals while sitting in a comfortable office watching the assignation of a terrorist. The only one that show any normal human feelings is Hillary Clinton when she covered her mouth.

As far as showing this monster's photo after he was killed, I seem to recall Daniel Pearl was beheaded and a video of his body and head were all over the Internet.

KOHAT, Pakistan, Feb 8 (Reuters)2009 – Pakistani Taliban militants released a video tape on Sunday of them beheading a Polish geologist whom they said killed him because Pakistan’s government refused to release Taliban prisoners.

The Islamist militants said on Saturday they had executed the Polish engineer, Piotr Stanczak, who they kidnapped in September, because the government had refused to free 60 captured militants before Friday’s deadline.

A tape was delivered to the office of a Reuters reporter in the northwestern town of Dera Ismail Khan showing two masked men cutting off Stanczak’s head.

Before he was killed, Stanczak was seen on the tape appealing to the Polish government not to send troops to Afghanistan.

He also urged Poland to severe ties with Pakistan, which he said had made no effort to secure his release, said a Reuters reporter who saw the tape…

February 17, 2006
Religion of Beheadings in Pakistan Caught on Film

Taliban and al Qaeda supporters shown parading beheading victims in Pakistan on video. Disgusting. Via Chad at In the Bullpen this from the Times:

Disturbing video footage of beheaded bodies being paraded through the streets of southern Pakistan, in front of powerless police, has been broadcast today in Afghanistan.

Tolo TV, a private Afghan network, said that the men were killed a month ago in the tribal district of South Waziristan as a punishment for their opposition to the Taleban and al-Qaeda militias.

It would not reveal the source of the footage, whose authenticity has not been verified.

In one segment of the film, three decapitated heads are held up to cheers from a gathered crowd. Later, a number of bodies are seen being dragged behind a pick-up truck.

Crowds are heard chanting "long live Osama bin Laden" and "long live Mullah Omar", respectively the leaders of al-Qaeda and the Taleban.

Feb. 21, 2010;
Quran 8:12 + 47:4 "smite ye above their necks" (beheading with a knife or sword)

September 7, 2007;
Suspected Islamic militants in north-western Pakistan have beheaded two women they accused of being prostitutes, police say.

April 21, 2007;
Video in Pakistan shows youngster beheading man for alleged betrayal of Taliban leader

KILI FAQIRAN, Pakistan (AP): The boy with the knife looks barely 12. In a high-pitched voice, he denounces the bound, blindfolded man before him as an American spy. Then he hacks off the captive's head to cries of "God is great!'' and hoists it in triumph by the hair.

I don't think there should be a problem with the world seeing a photo of a dead terrorist. They are able to behead people with no feelings whatsoever so why should a photo of a dead person cause them any ill feelings?

I really think that the Navy Seals made a big mistake by leaving Osama bin Laden's children to come back and take revenge. They have a dozen children so they can take revenge and kill Jews and Americans.

I don't agree with the things they do. I don't think it's okay to chop someone's head off, to video tape it, to parade dead bodies through streets, or to say that it is done for god. If their god is that cruel then that's not a god I want to be part of.

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