Friday, May 6, 2011

Muslim Brownie Points

Tonight I went to the store to buy Kefir and a man started a conversation with me. He was polite and interesting to talk to. He told me in the conversation that he was Muslim. I didn't asked him, he offered the information. He told me a lot about himself. Usually people's favorite subject is themselves and I include myself in that group.

He told me about how his god had blessed him in a lot of ways. I wanted to tell him he had the wrong god but I left that subject for another time. He was just trying to show me how friendly and kind a Muslim can be and he said he would rather die than harm another person. He was trying to either make a new convert or score brownie points with his god. I'm not buying either one. I am a Christian and believe in Jesus Christ and that He and God are one God. I won't be converted. As far as his good deeds are concerned they won't count for anything when he dies and God asks him why he should be allowed into heaven. Muslims must earn their salvation by good works and deeds, eat a certain way, live a certain way, pray facing a certain way, in order to be accepted by their god. That takes God out of the picture. If I can do things to be accepted and loved by God then does that mean that if I don't do those things I'm not accepted and not loved. That takes away from what Jesus did when He died on the cross.

I wonder when it comes down to skin for skin, if his Imam were to declare a jihad, would he follow the dictate of his Imam or die before he harmed me? They are here among us and they intend to convert us. Be on your guard and don't be persuaded by their good deeds and kindness and convert to Islam. They believe there is one god. That's correct, but it's NOT Allah.

The man at the store told me how he met his wife. He said some friends of his introduced him to his wife and he talked to her for fifteen minutes. He told her about himself and his plans. He asked her if she had any questions and she told him that her parents would ask him the questions. He told her that she should ask the questions for herself. [As if that is a great gesture on his part.] He said that she was plain and simple and didn't use make-up or jewelry. He decided that she would make a good wife within the 15 minutes that he talked. They were married and have been married for 15 years. He sends his children to a private school and the tuition is $1500 a month. I asked him why he sends them there when it's so expensive. He said that they get religious training and a very good education. He told me that the boys and girls are separated. I'm wondering if I've seen his wife and children here at the store because he said they live across the street in an apartment complex. After I got home I remembered reading this morning about a Muslim school here in our city.

The long and short of it is he has the wrong god and is on the wrong path. I wish they would go back to their country and leave us alone. I asked this guy if he liked it here and he said, "Not really." Yet, he is buying 150 acres of land here to start his own business. He wants to start a goat farm and kill goats to sell for meat. He wants to be rich. I'm wondering if he wants to advance his religion and his false god. I feel sure he does. What other reason would he have for talking to me? When he found out how old I was he started to excuse himself from my presence. He said he thought I was about his age. That makes me wonder if Muslims are trying to reach a certain age group. They probably realize that older people are Christian, set in their ways, and know more than the younger people. Older people are not as easily duped.

The Web site for the Muslim School here in my city says that people should send their children to Mercy School because they have:
* Quran Class
* Arabic Class
* Islamic Studies Class
* Advanced Education
* We pray Zuhr and Juma Prayer

In other words they are brainwashed in this religion. Pictures on this Web site show the girls with a white head covering that is more than a headscarf. I hate seeing Muslim women with headscarfs on their heads. Makes me wonder what's under that headscarf. Do they have lice, or some other skin problem that makes them ashamed of their hair? These Muslims may be peaceful right now but give them a while. When there are more of them they will feel bolder and want more "rights".

Our legislature passed a bill to allow the citizens of this state to vote weather we wanted judges to make rulings and decisions based on international law or based on the laws of this country and this state. The local Muslim group CARE filed a lawsuit against the bill saying it was unconstitutional. They need to go back to their own countries if they want their own laws and don't like ours.

(AP)"A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order Monday to block a new amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution that would prohibit state courts from considering international or Islamic law when deciding cases.

U.S. District Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange handed down the order after an Oklahoma man filed a lawsuit claiming the amendment stigmatized his religion and would invalidate his will, which he said is partially based on Islamic Law, also known as Sharia Law."

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