Monday, May 9, 2011

State Republican Convention

Saturday I attended the State Republican Convention. I sat close to the famous Representative, Sally Kern. As I squeezed by her I bent down and encouraged her and told her I was praying for her. She has had a very difficult time lately.

Some of the speakers were:
Our new Republican Governor Mary Fallen
U.S. Senator James Inhofe
U.S. Representative James Lankford
Lieutenat Governor Todd Lamb
Gary Jones the State Auditor
GOP Chairman Matt Pinnell
< >
Angie LaPlante - GOP Vice Chair

We approved the new rules and had a lot of discussion over the adoption of the new platform. The same people were there trying to get an amendment adopted to the platform calling for a Caucus System instead of the Primary System. One county wanted to be able to have precinct meetings in March because they usually have ice and or snow in February. There was lots of debate, lots of jumping up and down to applause, and lots of talk. I saw my state representative and my senator. I am finally starting to understand what's going on and enjoy it a little.

We have fantastic people in our state who work extremely hard for our party. I admire them for all the hard work they do. I feel very small next to them. They are so smart and knowledgeable about history and government. I slept through history and government classes in school. I never thought I would use that knowledge in my life.

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