Thursday, May 7, 2009

IRON and Churros

I just returned home from the Republican Women's Club. The speaker tonight was from a grass roots all volunteer organization called I.R.O.N. That stands for Immigration Reform For Oklahoma Now! I haven't looked at their Web site yet but it is OKIRON.ORG

This group has worked with legislators to bring about the change in immigration laws here in Oklahoma. She said that it is a non-partisan group. She and others saw the problems that illegal immigration was causing and they got active. She said that she started out by going to the capitol and visiting her congressman's office. She said she would have to sit and wait for hours to talk to her congressmen. After a year or two of sitting and sitting and waiting and waiting she made a change to her approach. That change has paid off big time. I didn't hear what she said she did to get the first bill started. [There were two ladies in front of me who were talking and laughing all the time.] I think she said that she hired a lawyer and they paid about $3,000 to write the bill. Then she took it to Representative Randy Terrill and he took things from there and he has taken all the heat and flack from HB1804.

I just took a quick look at I.R.O.N.'s Web site and it is very nice and looks like a lot of info on it. I signed up to receive their emails. She said there are similar organizations all over the country. There might be a link to those on the OKIRON.ORG Web site.

I just read a lot of the I.R.O.N.'s info about the Chamber of Commerce and how they are bringing law suites against states for legislation that has been enacted to stop illegal immigration. It appears the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and local state Chamber of Commerce want to help big business hire cheap labor. Of course that means bringing in warm bodies from South of the Border. [Should the last two sentences be one sentence? It seems there should be a comma after 'labor' instead of a period.]

I went to a local flea market last Sunday and they were having a Cinco de Mayo event. There were several hundred "Latinos" there and of course lots of food, lots of LOUD music. I took my ear plugs but that wasn't enough to keep from hearing the VERY LOUD boom, boom of their giant speakers. I have tinnitus so it's painful to be around VERY LOUD noise. I did get to eat a 'Churrito' but it was stuffed with vanilla instead of my favorite, chocolate. Check out this Web site to see what a Churro is. Here is a link to how they make Churros.

I just found several recipes for Churros and some for Pastel de Tres Leches. Yum, yum. I'm making Churros tomorrow. I just need some chocolate to eat with the Churros.

Oh, at the Cinco de Mayo event I saw a man carrying a Mexican flag as he walked around the parking lot collecting money. He had a large bucket and people would put money in it as he passed by. I have no idea what the money was for. I think I'll ask tomorrow.
As I was standing there with my husband and brother-in-law the speaker on stage yelled, "Viva Mexico." I decided to yell too but mine came out, "Viva los Estados Unidos." My brother-in-law turned and looked at me and laughed. I laughed and told him, "Well, we live here and work here so we need it to live." I told him in Spanish.
No one said anything else. I don't think anyone except my brother-in-law heard me. Oh well.

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