Sunday, May 17, 2009

Governor Henry, Take Your Stem Cells and Go To Another Universe

Oklahoma House passes legislation banning human cloning

By Associated Press

12:58 PM CDT, May 15, 2009
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The Oklahoma Legislature has given final passage to legislation prohibiting human cloning.

The House voted 83-0 for the measure Friday. The Senate then approved it 44-0. It now goes to Gov. Brad Henry for his signature

The action comes three weeks after Henry vetoed a bill that would have outlawed embryonic stem cell research. His veto was overridden in the House but sustained by the Senate.

The human cloning bill prohibits the creation of human embryos through cloning for the purpose of harvesting their stem cells and prohibit reproductive cloning.

Supporters say the bill is narrower than the one vetoed by Henry but would still achieve part of its goal.

House members inserted the human cloning language into a bill involving the Oklahoma Long-Term Care Partnership Program.

Let's see what our liberal governor will do with this bill. I'll be so very glad when he is gone. He is a suck-up to the president. Too bad they don't play follow the leader and go play president and governor on some volcanic island in the ocean. I'd like to see all liberals take the biggest plane possible with all their baggage and follow all their liberal leaders to a volcanic island, in a parallel universe trillions of light years away from here.

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