Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oral Surgery

Yesterday I had oral surgery. Ouch! I was given an intravenous sedation. I slept through the whole thing. That's good. Now I find I have some stitches in my gums. Yuck. What comes next? Post Op in one week. Then I need to have the two holes in my mouth filled with teeth. Implants? Yes. Expensive? Yes. Time consuming? Yes. Painful? They drill into your bone so I think that is a, Yes, also. I heard someone in the waiting room say it takes 9 months and about $3,000 to do an implant. Oh, fun.

I've needed an implant on a front tooth for a long time now. Looks like the time has come. If they have to sedate me then maybe I can get a two for one. Let them sedate me once for two teeth.

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