Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oklahoma City April 15, 2009 Tea Party

I went to the Tea Party and had to park about a mile and a half away. While there someone told me there were 21,500 people there. After the Tea Party was over I went inside the capitol and saw my senator and representative. I told my representative and senator what I had been told about the number of people who had attended the Tea Party. Now I find out from the news media there were 5,000 people. Later in the evening the news media said there were 4,000 people in attendance. I have no idea because I didn't get a view of the people from a high spot. I was down on the ground level so all I could see were thousands of people. I wanted it to be 20,000 people and at first I thought I had gotten my wish. I'm not complaining about the numbers but wish we had rallied more people to protest Obama's taxes.

It was a great Tea Party with lots of homemade signs. One man who stood by me for a few minutes said he had made his sign but it looked professionally made. I had tried to make a sign before leaving home but gave up because of time constraints. I would have made one on Monday but I was very sick with an infection in one of my teeth and had to go to the dentists and I slept the rest of Monday. Tuesday I felt better but had to go to a surgeon who will take out my tooth next week. Tuesday afternoon I took my parrot to the vet to have a check-up. She is getting better but I still have to give her medicine. So I've had no time to make a sign. I had thought of making one that said, "Remember the Alamo," "It's Tea Party Time," "It's Tea Time" "Throw the Tea Tax Overboard," "Throw The Bums Out."

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