Friday, February 6, 2009

PORKY Democrats May Get A Tea Party

Below is the text of an email I sent to my senator.

"Please don't let a desire to please the president over shadow the problems with the new 'stimulus package'.

What will

  • $50 million for Endowment for the Arts
  • $400 million for Climate Change
  • $335 million for sexually transmitted diseases education
  • $79 billion to bail out states who have overspent
  • $30 billion for COBRA extensions
  • $20 billion for food stamps
  • $89 billion for Medicare
  • $1.7 billion for the National Park System
  • $55 million for the Historic Preservation Fund
  • $7.6 billion for "rural community advancement programs"

do to create jobs?

This bill is full of PORK. Pigs will feed on anything, they roll in the mud. They are not something we want living in our homes as a rule. I know because I raised five baby pigs.

The Democrats are doing awful things to their own country.
Please don't make us live down in the mud with the pigs. Tell the democrats to go buy their own package of beacon and not require the American people to pay for it.

If those who voted for Obama want to have this PORK then let them sign-up to pay for it. Those who voted for McCain refuse to pay for their PORK.

I for one refuse to pay for this.

If you voted for Obama or a Senator that votes for this "stimulus bill" then YOU pay for it with YOUR taxes.

We are not rich and we need tax relief, not more taxes. If those who are our leaders don't pay taxes why should we pay taxes? I think it's time for a tea party."

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