Thursday, February 5, 2009

Precinct Meeting

Thursday night I attended a precinct meeting and there were about 75 to 100 people there. Our state representative was there and on time. His name is Jason Nelson. He looked very tired. This is his first term and so it is pretty overwhelming to have so much thrown at him at one time. He said that there were two people there who were glad the campaigning was over. He was meaning himself and his opponent. His opponent didn't look too happy but at least he was there. Jason said he was a good person. I'm sure he is but he wanted to legalize small amounts of marijuana. If that were to happen it would open the door to legalizing even more illegal drugs. People would claim they helped them with all kinds of pain.

Representative Jason Nelson said that we are going to have a $600 million short fall this year. The governor and the legislature were starting to find areas to make deep cuts. Several constituents wanted cuts to DHS, Department of Human Services. They want all of the employees to be fired and new people hired. They and all of us are sick of people abusing and killing these children. They said that several children have died because of the incompetence of DHS and the judges who hear the cases of children who have been taken from their parents and placed in foster care. One of those children is Kelsey Briggs. In March 2006 the Oklahoma state legislature passed the Kelsey Smith-Briggs Child Protection Reform Act in order to reform Oklahoma Department of Human Services and the courts that handle child abuse cases.

Kelsey Briggs

There is a video of Kelsey on Snopes . com.

I couldn't find a picture of 22 month old Skyler Roininen who was killed by Lorene Parnell.

Ashley Parnell was arrested after her boyfriend's son died from a skull fracture.

"Tulsa, OK - Ashley Lorene Parnell, 25, is accused of murdering Skyler Roininen, the 23-month-old son of her boyfriend, Robert Roininen. Police say that Skyler died of a Jon-Benet sized eight-inch skull fracture caused by Parnell early on the morning of March 27. Skyler died the next day."

These are only two children who have suffer horribly at the hands of people who are supposed to love and care for them. What goes on inside of these people that allows them to harm an Innocent child? I guess I should say what doesn't go on inside of these people because obviously they have no capacity to love.

Representative Jason Nelson will be doing everything within his power to encourage adoption of unwanted children. With more adoptions one can only hope that the helpless, defenseless, Innocent children of this state will find loving homes where they will be held and kissed instead of kicked, beaten, shoved, slammed, punched, starved, shot, burned, and abused emotionally. Representative Nelson said that earlier this afternoon he had been in a meeting with DHS and they told him he was the first representative to come to that meeting. How wonderful that Representative Nelson went to that meeting, how sad he is the first.

I think we have a new champion for children in Oklahoma. I'll be praying for Representative Nelson.

Representative Nelson answered all questions from the constituents. There were questions about how the economy was affected by illegal immigrants, about English first bill, about photo ID for voting, for who he thought would make a good School Board Chairman, and other very good questions. Rep. Nelson said he thought Kirk Humphreys would make the best School Board Chairman. I am very pleased to say we have selected a very dedicated and caring person for our representative. We are very blessed to have people who will step up and show up for a very difficult job. Representative Nelson said that one of the first issues that he would like to tackle is tort reform. He said that they will be writing bills to do just that. They will be introducing new bills and re-introducing old bills to try to reform our courts. He said that there have been many efforts to tort reform but he said it is like a three legged stool. In other words the House, the Senate, and Governor must all be in agreement or the bills will fail. Until this year there has always been a Democratic congress. Now the Republicans have the majority but the governor is Democrat and he will veto tort reform bills that are placed before him.

Representative Nelson said he would stay after the precinct meeting to answer any and all questions. He did just that. He meet with anyone who wanted to talk with him.

I asked him how he liked his new office and he said he liked it. I congratulated him on his victory and told him to get some sleep. I think I need to take my own advice. It is 2:19 am and I'm very sleepy.

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