Monday, February 16, 2009


I gave my mom a permanent Saturday. I didn't get it perfectly wound on the rods but that didn't stop me. I used varying size rods so that it looked more natural. It was an Ogilvie Perm with lots of conditioners. I just watched several videos on giving a perm and it looks like I didn't put the rods in properly. I haven't cut her hair yet so I am not sure how it will look after if is cut. I thought the perm looked nice with lots of waves and no kinky tight curls.

The rods sizes I used for her perm are just over 1/2", 5/8", 6/8", 7/8". Keep in mind that I used a small ruler and measured the width at the very end of the rod and that is much larger than the center diameter of the rod.
This is a new kind of permanent rod. I haven't used these but they look interesting.

Woman at hairdressing salon getting a permanent wave. Her hair has been wet with alkaline solution and wound tight around rods covered with electrically-heated clamps. What we do to be beautiful. This is shocking.

It's not any more shocking than what has happened to my country. This picture is just how I feel watching the news and seeing what's coming.

What else is permanent? I guess our country isn't permanent. The only thing I can think of that is permanent is God. The Bible says he is never changing. That comforts me.

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  1. What were the diameters of the rods? I remember my mom giving me a perm in 10th grade. It came out too tight and I was miserable.

    Perms are probably a lot better and gentler these days.