Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Animal Abuse

I keep hearing a helicopter going over outside. They're looking for someone. There are plenty of someones out there. Tonight on the national and local news our state just got some attention that has made a lot of people sick to heart. We have a cat abuser out there somewhere. My son said the cat is now at a vet in Lawton. I started to cry when I saw this video. I don't like cats a lot but can't imagine anyone doing this to a small animal.

Posted: Feb 15, 2009 07:43 PM

"Lawton_In a disgusting case of animal abuse, a cat being abused was filmed by the culprits and posted on YouTube. A teenaged boy slammed a cat against a wall and repeatedly struck it. It was a hot topic on the internet all day Sunday and bloggers think it happened in Lawton.

Among the thousands of posts on the internet, commenters pointed to Lawton as the source after it was posted this weekend. The user name and information, along with other information on the internet pointed to a teen here in Texoma. Posts from all over to country asked people to call 7News, and plenty did. Due to it's graphic nature, much of the video was edited for this story.

The teenager - who calls himself "Timmy" entered a bathroom that he called his laboratory. Inside the shower was a cat which the boy picked up by its neck and slammed against the wall and floor before beating it with his fists. The attack continued for more than a minute.

YouTube removed the video Sunday afternoon and disabled the user's account - but not before it was seen about 30,000 times. Local authorities confirm that they are investigating the video, and Lawton Police say the Comanche County Sheriff's Department is investigating. Sheriff Kenny Stradley has been shown the video."


" The kids name is actually Kenny Glenn and he is from Lawton, Oklahoma. Apparently, him and his brother were the two who did the abuse. Kenny through the cat around, punched it, and put it in the shower. This is sick. The sad thing is, these boys are both underage. --> That means they'll likely get only a small slap on the wrist."

Dusty is the name of the cat. He's apparently now in veterinarian custody. I'm sure the cat will have mental problems from now on. It will be hard to get the cat to trust anyone again.

I think that here in Oklahoma we have changed the laws so that a minor who commits a serious crime can receive a sentence that is equal to the crime. Don't quote me on that just yet. I'm sure there will be much more on this case. I think the boys that did this need very serious psychological help for a very long time. I've heard that people who abuse animals will go on to abuse people. What is wrong with people? It seems there is no love any longer. Maybe I'm just watching too much news. When I saw the abuse to this cat I cried and had to turn off the news. I just couldn't take any more. It is just as much abuse to watch it as to have it done to you. That is why when men abuse their wives their children are abused at the same time. These boys have seen abuse and hatred or I don't think they could have done this. That is not to say they didn't have a choice. They are old enough to know right from wrong. If they don't know right from wrong then they need to be locked up away from society.

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  1. This is the kind of thing that can really hit my hot button. I love animals. I have a dog and used to also have cats and cannot stomach even the thought of someone hurting them. I do not belong to PETA but in this case I am glad that they exist. Lorna