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Valentines Fatal Attraction

Aasiya Hassan wife of Muzzammil Hassan

the founder and Chief Executive of Bridges TV.

He founded Bridges TV in 2004 from an idea his wife had in 2001. He wanted to try to change the negative perceptions of Muslims.

News Voice of America

First English Language American Muslim TV Network Goes National

08 November 2006

"Bridges TV, the first English language American Muslim television network, is now reaching a wider audience of non-Muslims in the United States. It began in 2004 as a premium pay channel, but has now been picked up as a free service by several cable and satellite systems. The move will help advance the major purpose of this network -- to build bridges between American Muslims and their neighbors."

"Citizens offers different perspectives of culture and media coverage:
Woman: "Because of the media, what you see on TV and what you see in newspapers, I think to a certain extent, again, it seems like an aggressive culture."
Man: "I heard some speakers on TV making the point that, in point of fact, at the core, some of the teachings of the Islamic faith are in fact violent and intolerant towards people from other religions."

Muzzammil Hassan
Muzzammil Hassan
"It's perceptions like this -- about Islam and Muslims among average Americans -- that led Muzzammil Hassan to launch Bridges TV two years ago. "There were some comments being made," he said, "that were pretty negative about Arabs and Muslims. So my wife, being a mother, said: 'This is not a very good environment for children, or to raise children and there should be some kind of a media that lets American know who Muslims are, who Arabs are and that we are good people.' "

"The newsroom staff reflects the network's inclusive philosophy. It includes the first ---and only -- national news anchor to wear the hijab -- the Muslim head cloth. "

"Hassan says that over time, he believes non-Muslim Americans will come to realize they and their Muslim neighbors share many of the same values -- raising families, pursuing careers, and finding peace."

L says: And Beheading wives.
The joke is on her because her husband beheaded her Thursday, February 12, 2009. No matter the reason, she is still dead and her children now have a father who is a murderer. I hope these children don't end up being brain washed into thinking this is just. She didn't want her children growing up in this environment but this environment does not behead anyone. Sort of ironical don't you think?

He founded Bridges TV to combat negative perceptions of Muslims.

Bridges TV can be seen on:

Buckeye Cable System
Dish Network [ When I clicked on the link for Dish Network a form opened for me to send an email to Dish Network asking them to carry Bridges TV which makes me think Dish does not carry this station.]
Shrewsbury Cable Company

[ I found Bridges TV listed on Shrewsbury Cable Channel Line-up.
I clicked on the "Bridges TV" link and the page that opened up was a domain name for sale.]

Advertisers on Bridges TV Website

Better Homes and Gardens


  • SELCO Digital Cable
  • TownISP Standard Speed Internet
  • SELCO Telephone
  • SELCO EZ Pay
Time Warner
Verizon FiOS
WOW [ Channel 694 Bridges TV out of Chicago City ]
Thrifty Car Rental
HotWire Hotel Rates [ A Muslim matrimonial site providing singles with potential marriage partners.]

Guidance Residential, LLC
11109 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 200
Reston, VA 20190

Available States
This is a map of the different states that have this Sharia mortgage company.
This company also advertises on Bridges TV.

Polls on Bridges TV

Do you think President Obama will usher in a new era of US foreign policy?

Are the Israeli attacks on Hamas-controlled Gaza justified?

What Issue Should President-Elect Barack Obama Make Top Priority?

Are you pulling your money out of the markets?

How will the Mumbai attacks change relations between India & Pakistan?

The US has removed North Korea from its list of state sponsors of terrorism. Is the move justified?

President Bush has apologized to the Iraqi Prime Minister for an American soldier shooting at the Qur'an as target practice. Should:

The Palestinian Group Hamas has proposed a six-month "period of quiet" to Israel. Israel has rejected the offer. Do you think:

Should the Dutch parliament ban an upcoming anti-Islam film that describes the Qur'an as a "fascist book"?

What document do you think should be used for frequent border crossings?

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