Sunday, February 15, 2009

Culture Shock

Craig Robinson Craig Robinson

Head basketball coach at Organ State University

Craig Robinson is also the brother of Michelle Obama. I just listened to him speaking on a YouTube video about his opinion of Barack Obama running for president. He said his team was 0 & 18 last year and the country was 0 & 18 last year. He said that just as he would have to change the culture of the losing basketball team, Barack will have to change the culture of the country. So he thinks our country is a bunch of losers. Well thanks a lot. I know I won't be going to see any of his basketball games.

My question is, What kind of culture do you want to change us to?

Let me guess...Obamunist?

So it looks like the plan all along was to change the culture. Change our schools, our medical system, our tax system, our ????? Gee I haven't had a chance to read all that stimulus pkg yet.

Now that the democ-RATS have all the PORK they can eat I guess they need a PIG BB team and here is the perfect t-shirt for their team. It's puke green like their plan. Puke Pork Plan. PPP. How about the RATS BB PPP. That's short for democ-RATS Basketball Puke Pork Plan.

Basketball Pig Green T-Shirt

If you want to order one of these t-shirts look here:


  1. Hey, aside from my political comments, which are parallel with yours...... doesn't this guy look exactly like his sister? If he had hair, he would be Michelle.


  2. Yep, my thoughts exactly.