Monday, February 2, 2009

Drama in Ciudad Acuña

A friend told me that the other day the phone rang in her office and the recorder picked up. It was her husband's cousin, Jose. She let him talk to the machine. I guess you can tell she likes the guy. His message was to her husband. He wanted her husband to call him back [a long distance call] because her husband's sister-in-law was in Ciudad Acuña. That's all the message he left on the recorder. She didn't tell her husband about the call because she doesn't like either Jose, the one who called, or the sister-in-law, Marina.

She said that her husband had spent time with his brother, Marina's husband, so she just assumed he had found out why their cousin, Jose, had called from Ciudad Acuña. She said she wanted to know what was going on but she had to be careful when she asks questions. She forgot all about this phone call until a week later. She saw a young boy on the television that reminded her of Marina's son. So she asked her husband what had happened to Marina. She told him his cousin, Jose, had called last week. He asked her why she hadn't told him and she said she had forgotten.

Her husband told her that S W E E T L I T T L E Marina had tried to cross the fronteria, or the border, with Mexico and had failed. He said she has tried at least three or four times. My friend said she was in tears. [Tears from laughing inside.] Boo Hoo. Her husband told her that Marina had tried crossing the border walking one time and she and whoever she was with got lost. They had gone to a house and asked where they were and the people at that house called immigration. She said it was such a shame. She was feeling so sad. [Right.] The immigration came and picked them up and took them back to Mexico.

What a tragedy.

The tragedy is that Marina comes here illegally and she lives separate from her husband so she can get government housing. Marina lived in a very large condo when she lived in the U.S. before. Not in a nice area. In fact it's scary but it's better than Mexico. She gets all kinds of aid because she has four children and at least two of them are citizens.

Oh the drama and the good things just keep getting better and better, don't they?

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