Monday, February 2, 2009

Al Punto, I Get The Point

Yesterday, on the program Al Punto with Jorge Ramos, he interviewed Nora Sandigo, the Directora, Fraternidad Americana. He also interviewed two children and their mother.

They appeared on Jorge Ramos' show Al Punto on Feb. 1, 2009.
Jorge Ramos said that Nora Sandigo is the legal guardian of 600 children who's parents have been deported. Nora Sandigo said she is suing the government of the United States and Barack Obama because she wants Barack Obama to sign an Executive Order stopping all deportations. She said that these children represent thousands more children who are suffering because their parents could be deported at any time. She said she has faith in God and Barack Obama that he will do what is right for all these children and stop their suffering. Even though the two children's mother who appeared on the show was here without legal documentation.

I feel very sad for the suffering of these children and the others who have had their parents taken from them. I feel sick that Mexican people care so little for their children that they put them in this position. A lot of them came here to the U.S. illegally and subjected their children to this possibility. It would be better if the children went with their parent back to their country of origin.

It's a sham that people would put their children in harms way by coming here to the U.S. and taking the chance that they would be picked up by immigration. Now these children are being exploited in order to gain a pass into the U.S. They want a pass on all the illegal things they have done in order to get here to this country. If they don't have a visa, or citizenship then they come illegally. There may be other ways to legally come but those are the only two I know of.

I'm reminded of the Muslims who put their children in harms way in order to accomplish their goals. These children are used and exploited for political gain. Sham on you mom and day who abuse your children in this way. You are causing them to hate this country without a cause. These children are being taught that America is unfair and unjust. This just isn't so. If it were so unfair and unjust why do so many millions of people want to come here?

Where did this idea of Executive Order came from? That's something I need to research.
There is an interesting explanation at Wikipedia.

It seems to be that the president can make new laws without the consent of the people. I was under the impression that our legislature was supposed to make the laws. And even then they were supposed to represent their constituents. We no longer have a representative form of government. It feels like any other dictator ship. With a wave of an ink pen the president makes a new law and pow it's done. No questions, no discussion, no debate, no nothing. America is now a dictatorship. Or at the least a socialist state run by a very small number of thugs.

You can hear the whole story here and here. However, it's in Spanish.

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