Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Plastic Bowl Covers and Christmas Gift Bags

What do plastic bowl covers and Christmas gift bags have in common? The smell.

Last Christmas I bought the cheap bags that people put gifts in and when I started to use it I got a nose full of what smelled like bug spray. No kidding! I was not a happy camper. The bags were beautiful but smelled deadly. I don't know why a gift bag has to smell like I sprayed it with bug spray. I don't mean the new bug sprays that are made from natural oils. These smelled like poison.

Last week I went to the dollar store and bought some of those plastic bowl covers. The ones that have elastic around the edge. They smelled just like the gift bags. Like poisonous bug spray.

You'll never guess where they were made? Well, maybe you can. Ya, your right, China.

I thought that maybe it was a smelly glue that was used to glue the gift bags at the seams and folds. Now why would they use the same glue on plastic bowl covers. There are no folds or seams on the bowl covers. My suspicious nature says that they want to kill me and my family. But why would a country that allows tainted milk to be given to its babies want to harm me? Jan. 23, 2009

"Chinese investigators found melamine in nearly 70 milk products from more than 20 companies, according to quality control official Li Changjiang,..."

"Melamine tainted milk killed at least six infants and sickened nearly 300,000 others. Melamine is commonly used in coatings and laminates, wood adhesives, fabric coatings, ceiling tiles and flame retardants. Some Chinese dairy plants added the chemical to milk products so they would appear to have a higher protein level."

China's poison baby bottles, children's clothes, and toys

It appears that baby bottles, children's clothes and toys are all hazardous to the health and well being of China's children, and every other child on the planet that uses their products.

Thirteen babies died due to baby formula. It contained a powder made from recycled compact discs, CDs, according to the Shanghai Daily paper.

A chemical, hydroxybenzene, that causes liver and kidney damage when it is heated in the baby milk. There were ten wholesalers that had this in baby bottles.

A plastic used to make baby bottles is hidden in sugar bags. This plastic is cheaper to use than new materials. There have been three factories closed after this discovery.

Aromatic amine is a dye that is used in children's clothes in China. This dye can cause bladder or urethra cancer if it contacts the skin. It is in about 10 percent of children's clothes that have been inspected.

Testing was done on eight different substances in children's clothes. One of those substances is aromatic amine. Half of the children's clothes were found without these substances. Nationwide there were 37.8 % of the clothes contained this substance.

China's national testing was done on toys and 83.3 % cloth toys had aromatic amine and 37% of all toys contained it.

Barry Artiste's Channel

at 22:54 on December 5th, 2007

"Thanks Liam, cell phones are the least of our worries, I guarantee you most of your Christmas decorations contain toxic substances, not to mention counterfeit ULC and CSA labels are big business in China, with these labels placed on electronic, Xmas Lights, Powerbars etc. Once these electrical items start sparking while your'e sleeping, it will bring new meaning to Lighting up your christmas tree while your house burns down. I reported this months ago, with little interest from Now Public readers, and when I asked an Insurance company about covering such things in their policies if it is found unwitting consumers bought counterfeit appliances, extension cords, christmas decorations which are found to be the cause of the fire, consumers will be in a big surprise when they look to insurance companies to make a claim. Little known fact, but true, just go ask your insurance company. The same goes for counterfeit auto parts if it cause a vehicle fire or accident which are more common than you think. Those counterfeit ULC and CSA safety inspection are like Gold for anyone selling counterfeit goods in North America. Heres a Hint, if you frequent Dollar Stores, you do so at your own expense."

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