Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Toddler Years and Staying Alive

I do remember those days when my sons were small. I have a lot of stories from the toddler years.

I remember my youngest son was always doing things. One time I had drawn his bath water and gone to check on something, (not in the bathroom) and my son went in the bathroom with his brother's stuffed Winne The Pooh toys and tried to flush them down the toilet. I don't remember if it was the same day or another day that he put his brand new high top baby shoes in the tub full of water. I was not a happy mom.

Another time both my sons and a little girl I was babysitting were under the dining room table eating butter off the floor. Our pet Irish Setter was right there helping eat the butter off the floor.

While visiting my husband's parents home my son picked up a piece of bread from the trash and was eating it. After I took that away from him he went into his grandmother's bedroom and came out carrying a pistol. It was loaded. We took the gun away from him and we all recovered from heart failure. My in-laws found a new place for the gun after that. Later that day he fell on a floor furnace and it made a checker board on his hands and stomach. It was very painful for him. I couldn't believe it when he was still alive at the end of that day. Thank God for his care and keeping of our children.

This same son is still alive and he has two sons of his own. (Now in 2016 he has four sons.)  He doesn't tell me everything that happens. Probably because he doesn't want to hear any of my comments about how hard it was to keep him alive.

Now I tell my sons their mission is to keep their children alive. That is mission number one. I pray for my grandchildren every day for that very reason.

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  1. Searcher, this post is both beautiful and sweet. I think that your son's having his own kids makes him realize how much you did for him.