Monday, September 17, 2012

CeeCee Lost - Again !!!!!

CeeCee was last seen at her home close to N.W. 23rd & Meridian area of Oklahoma City.

CeeCee was lost when it rained on Thursday, September 13, 2012. She loves to stay outside but hates the rain. She loves to hunt. Her meow is soft. She has been spayed. She lost her collar and tags. She was playing outside when the rain started and it frightened her and she got lost. She is very shy of people. She comes when I whistle and call her name and I don't call her kitty. She weighs about 8 lbs.

CeeCee came to us as a 6 month old kitten, skinny and hungry, so I fed her what I had on hand. I have only had one cat before CeeCee came into my life. I was a teen then and in high school. That was a black cat I named Cat. CeeCee on the other hand, was mostly wild, but would allow me to pet her if she was hungry but when she was full she preferred not to be petted. We call her our "wild child".

We have driven the streets around our neighborhood each day but haven't seen her. She was lost once before for two weeks and was several miles away in Bethany, Oklahoma, close to Glade and N.W. 23.

The Thursday she got lost, my husband fed her about 5:15 a.m. and she wanted the rest of her food about 6:00 a.m. This stray wild cat only eats one cat food. Go figure, a beggar turning up her nose at food. After she ate she was very playful, running around outside and climbing on the patio cover and looking down at me like she wanted me to try to get her. She bounced about the large backyard with glee because the weather was cooler. She scampered up the hood of my car and ended up on the trunk sitting up looking at me as I was covering the bird's cage to keep the rain from getting in it. She loves to climb on top of houses to hunt. We feel sure she is alive and only lost. She is a sweet cat but doesn't like being held or petted much. CeeCee liked to follow me when I took walks. I would try to get her to stay home by feeding her and slipping out the gate, but then as I would walk down the street she would come bounding behind me following along in people's yards. Stopping now and then to roll in the dirt or watch a bird that had caught her attention. She would hide from cars and people. Dogs scared her too, yet the Great Dane puppy next door didn't seem to bother her with his huge bark. I've seen them sort of play by going close to the fence and then running around their prospective yards.

I feel bad that we didn't have the money to have her chipped, to buy her a new collar, and another set of tags. We spent around $30 a month to feed her. We had to drop our satellite T.V. to be able to feed CeeCee. When she came to us she got into a fight and the whole side of her face was infected. We took her to Niel Veterinarian Clinic and they did surgery on her face which cost us over $200. We love CeeCee and hope she returns to cheer our lives once again. Tomorrow I'll go visit the animal shelters.

One thing I've noticed while driving around different neighborhoods is there are many cats left outside. Why is my cat the only one that ran away? The garage door was always left up a little so she could go inside out of the rain and weather. I can only imagine that she went visiting a neighbor and got frightened when it began to pour rain. I do hope someone had pity on her and allowed her to go inside.

I love you CeeCee. I'm praying that you are somewhere safe and well fed.

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