Thursday, June 21, 2012

Paul Blair vs. Clark Jolley

I keep hearing radio ads for Paul Blair who is running for Republican nomination for Senate district 41 of Oklahoma. While standing at my kitchen sink washing dishes I remembered seeing Paul Blair at the Oklahoma Republican Conventions this year and in previous years. I have no personal ax to grind with Mr. Blair but I wondered why a minister would be among those who are supporting a man for president who wants street drugs legalized.

In his latest column Ron Paul points out that the War on Drugs is unconstitutional, can’t be won, and only makes things worse for almost everyone involved. The only beneficiaries are the drug barons, smugglers and dealers who enjoy exorbitant profits, and those dark forces in government who try to further suppress our freedoms under the excuse of fighting the war against drugs.

Mr. Blair, why would you support someone for president who wants to legalize all drugs when they cause such havoc in people's lives?

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