Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bobby Brooks Blue Jean Capri Pants Smell Like Bug Spray

I purchased two pairs of Bobby Brooks Blue Jean Capri Pants at Dollar General Store and they fit really well. I noticed the tag on the front leg that said to pre-wash them. I pre-washed both pair and now I want to wear them but they smell like bug spray. I'm wondering if everything coming from China has been sprayed with something that smells like bug spray?

I had a Christmas Gift Bag I purchased several years ago that had a beautiful design on it but I never used it because it smelled of this same odor. I put it in my garage for a long time and finally the odor left. I equated it with the glue used to attach some of the design or the paints used but why on earth would the pants smell this way? I've washed one pair twice and it still smells. I'm going to wash them again with no other clothing and hang them out to dry and see if they still smell.

What's up with China and their trying to kill us? Why can't we manufacture clothing in the United States? Oh, that's right, we have an EPA that wants us to have clean air. Nearly forgot about the wonderful EPA. Hay, EPA, go check out China's air quality. I'm wondering if their air smells like bug spray?

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