Sunday, March 18, 2012

President Visit to Oklahoma

I ask myself why would the president come to Oklahoma? He didn't visit this state when he ran for president the first time so why do it the second time. Is it because he has a rival for his job who is challenging him? His Democratic contender is Randall Terry.

Could it be he is coming to Oklahoma because we are the reddest state in the union? Ya, we cling to our Bibles, our Babies, our Brains, our Guns, and our Freedom. We don't like socialism, communism, or any other ism. Not even Obamism.

Maybe he is coming here to try to lie to our students like he has lied to other students in the United States. Students, in order to understand Obama speeches the only rule you need is the rule of opposites. What ever he says turn it around and just the opposite is what he really means. If he says he wants to help create 2,000 jobs, then he wants to destroy 2,000 jobs. There is no mystery to understanding his speeches. It's easy. What ever he says that is positive, he means just the reverse.

Catholics please take note, you have two alternatives to Obama in the next election.

1. Republican Rick Santorum

2. Democrat Randall Terry

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