Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bow Hunting on City Lakes

Our City Game and Fish Commissioners are considering proposing an ordinance to allow bow hunters near Lake Overholser, Lake Stanley Draper, and Stinchcomb Wildlife Reserve. This will have to be approved by the Oklahoma City Council. This proposed ordinance will be sent to the City council after the next commission's meeting on April 2, 2012. My problem with bow hunting so close to city lakes is the danger to people. When bow hunting there are no noises to alert people that hunting is going on. When hunters hunt with guns there is something to alert people to danger, noise of the shot. I know it also alerts the animals which lowers the hunters kill count. The primary concern should be for people and not the game one can kill. It would be a tragedy if one person were killed or even injured while hunting.

One concerned police official commented that the area near Lake Stanley Draper is where people ride horses and bicycles. Even though there would be signs designating hunting areas, advertisement letting people know about bow hunting in the area, and a buffer zone, if there were one incident of injury to a human, what advantage would it be to have claimed a reduction in the deer population? I have used a bow and arrow. It's a beautiful way to hunt. I contend that a human life is too precious to risk the slightest chance. I know we can't protect every person from danger and there are those who walk right into danger because of their own inability to control their impulses. They need protection from themselves and we need protection from them. But if this area is already being used by people riding horses and bicycles then people should be given protection.

If you are interested in speaking out about this matter you need to move now. It took me many clicks with the mouse, computer mouse, to find out where the next meeting will be.

The Oklahoma City Game & Fish Commission meets on the

1st Monday of each month at 1:30 PM

Will Rogers Garden Exhibition Center

3400 NW 36th Street

Oklahoma City, Ok

Main office:

420 W. Main Street

Suite 210

Oklahoma City, OK

Phone: 297-2338


I tried to copy and paste the ordinance here but haven't been able to yet. You should be able to find the ordinance on one of the above links.

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