Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cee Cee Takes A Two Week Hike

Cee Cee is really a good kitty. She just loves to be outdoors and play with [ translate that to eat ] the birdies. I think the recent earthquakes had unnerved her and she was trying to get as far away for the shaking as she could. She started climbing onto the roof of the house. I don't know if she was looking for birds or afraid of the earth trembling. She had just started acting wilder than usual before she went on her two week hike. We had no idea what happened to this wild child.

Early this morning [Saturday] about 4:30 am I went to pick Juan up at the bus stop. He had just returned from spending a week with his family in Mexico. When he came in the house he asked if Cee Cee had returned home and I told him, "No". He said he felt sure she would come back home. We went to sleep and woke up around 9:30 am. After eating and cleaning the kitchen I told Juan I thought I should find the animal shelter and go to check and see if she had found her way there. I called and found out the times they are open. Then I told Juan we could go between the hours of 12:00 noon and 5:45 pm. I also told him I really didn't want to go there because I would feel terrible knowing that if I didn't rescue all those animals they might die. The recording from the animal shelter said they kept the animals a total of three days. That made me wonder if she would be there because it had been two weeks since she left. We ended up not going.

This evening [Saturday] around 6:00 pm the phone rang and a man asked me if I had a cat and I told him yes but it was missing. We exchanged identifying marks and he told me where to go get Cee Cee. She was over two miles away and on the opposite side of a very, very busy street. We went to get her and the man and his wife were very nice. They had two cats of their own and when they saw Cee Cee had a collar and tag on they feed her and put her in a cat carrier. When we got her in her cage she ate like no one's business. She was as thin as when she came to our house the first time.

We wondered if perhaps she was trying to find her way back to her original home? Juan said he didn't think so. He thinks she lived close by our house and was born outside. I have no ideas on that.

She first came to our house when she was six months old according to the vet. She came here and she was starving to death. I fed her and left her outside. She always came back to beg food. I didn't have a cat so I didn't know what to feed her. I gave her liver, tuna, fish, chicken, and beef. She loved liver. One night I came home about 10:30 pm . She was outside close to the house where she always stayed but didn't come to me when I called her to pet her. I went to her and petted her and she had blood on the side of her head. In the morning her head was swollen a lot and she didn't move, not even to eat. I knew she was very sick so we took her to the vet right away. She had to have surgery right away. Her head was abscessed. She had a puncture wound and the skin was dead so it had to be cut out and the remaining skin on that side had to be sewn together. We brought her home and nursed her back to health for the next four weeks. We kept her inside all that time.We didn't want her being hurt again so we had her spayed.

After she was spayed she had to stay inside one more week. That made about a month of being indoors for a cat that had been free as far as we knew. She was not WILD but wanted to be outside all the time. She would sit in the windows and smile at the birds. That was scary because we have a beautiful bird inside.Cee Cee was once more able to venture outside and play and hunt to her hearts content during the day but came in at night or when it was really cold in the day. She would tell me when she wanted to go out by going to the door and standing there and saying, "meow" in a soft voice. Then the earthquakes happened and she didn't come home one day. I looked for her but thought she would come back home hungry and cold the next day, and the next day, and the next. I finally started to think she had been killed by a car or a dog. I just decided that it was God's will that she leave and stopped worrying. I did pray for her safety.

Cee Cee is back home tonight and not wanting to be inside at all. I put some of the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy on her and she has settled down. I'll put it on her for the next few days to help her over this trauma. We don't know what happened to her on her hike but she is extremely thin. I don't know how things will end with this little creature but we'll just take it one day at a time. The wild child came into my computer room tonight and jumped on my lap. Then she put her paws on the wrist pad in front of the keyboard. I called my husband to come and when he did he took several pictures of her with his camera and one with mine. I can upload the picture he took on my camera but his is flim and has to be developed. Here is the picture of Cee Cee after her wild adventure enjoying some attention. I just hope she decides that computers are better than starving to death while on two week hikes.

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