Thursday, August 4, 2011

Halal Food

Halal Food, according to Wikipedia:

"Halal (Arabic: حلال‎ ḥalāl, "lawful") is a term designating any object or an action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law. The term is used to designate food seen as permissible according to Islamic law (Sharia, الشريعة الإسلامية). The opposite of this word is haraam."

Last night I was opening a lot of my mother's mail and found one item that I read peeked my interest. It was about Tyson Chicken. Turns out that Tyson Chicken processing plant in Tennessee persuaded the company to change Labor Day holiday to an Islamic holiday. (Well, that's nice. What was wrong with the American holiday?) Lately, my good friend has been telling me she likes Tyson chicken better than Pilgrim's Chicken. I had to call her and let her know what I've found out about Tyson Chicken. Some stores in the U.S. sell Halal chicken. Halal chicken or Halal meats are ritually-slaughtered by a Muslim, facing toward Mecca, and it has been sacrificed to Allah. My friend and I are now searching for meat that is not sacrificed to Allah.

You ask what is the difference? Money. If I buy products that are made by Muslims then I'm supporting what ever they believe, their way of life, and religion. The food may be fine but I don't want to support anyone who might be ready to slit my throat and behead me if I don't worship at their alter.

Governor Rick Perry of Texas signed into law the Texas Halal Law.
"During the 78th Regular Legislative Session of the Texas House and Senate, the Texas Muslim community drafted, had introduced and lobbied for the passage of a Texas Halal Law to protect Halal food consumers from intentional mislabeling of these products by producers. On Tuesday August 12, 2003 Muslim leaders from around the Lone Star State met in our Governor's Capitol Office for the Ceremonial signing session of HB-470 (TX Halal Law). Many activists from numerous organizations collaborated through the Freedom and Justice Foundation to achieve the Texas Muslim community's 1st Legislative victory in Texas.

All Muslim in Texas should be very proud of this day, because it marks the culmination of much effort to unite the Texas Muslim community. In explaining the development of this bill during the 1st Annual Texas Muslims Legislative Day on March 18th 2003, Farha Ahmed expressing the need for coalition building stated that "it took a Muslim Republican working with a Jewish Democrat to get this bill drafted." Governor Perry was very friendly as always with the Muslim activists as he recalled his days as TX Agricultural Secretary and the opening of a slaughter house that processed Halal meat. The Governor also shared his successful experience working on expanding Texas Meat producers' markets to include Middle Eastern countries. Governor Perry also made a special effort to thank everyone in attendance individually, but with special emphasis to Imam Bakhash whom Gov. Perry thanked "for everything he does"."

So much for my vote for Governor Perry of Texas.

Anyone interested in NOT spending your money buying Halal foods can find the places and restaurants that sell them at this Web site.

Lang's Chocolates

Tyson Foods

Crescent Foods, Inc.

Saffron Road

Crave Foods

Ziyad Brothers Importing

Tom's of Maine

Insane Jerky

Kronos Products

Tex Med Beef Company

A&A Halal Distributors

J&M Halal Meats

Midamar Halal

Madani Halal

Australian Lamb Company

Harris Ranch Beef

S'Better Farms

Provision Halal Distributors

Nema Food Company

Cabot Creamery


Zabiha Halal Meat Processors


USA Zabiha Halal Food Technology

Nebraska Beef


Green Valley Meat Distributors, Inc.

Salwa Foods

Black Earth Meats

Whole Earth Meats

Badr Halal

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