Monday, July 18, 2011

Women's Choice

I'm wondering if the women have a choice in any matter in Arab countries? Do they get to voice their wishes at all? Do men only get to say who is stoned? Do only men say who committed what sin? Why are men the only one to have a say in social matters? Why don't they ask the women if they want to be stoned? Who would volunteer to be stoned?

I just received a comment from someone in Asia who says that Americans should mind their own business in matters of stoning in other countries. Ya, I think we should keep all of our money here in America too. Other countries want our money, our technology, our help, but they don't want our way of life. If their way of like is working out so well why do they need our help? If you want to live like barbarians then don't ask our country for help. This person from Asia said American's were more violent than Arabs. I say, What Ever. Prove it. Give me the number of people who are killed, stoned, hands cut off, starved, beheaded in all the Arab countries. I'll tell you the same number of people killed, stoned, hands cut off, starved, beheaded in the U.S.

Long ago I worked for a man who was from Iran. The first day I was to start working at this company I parked my car and started to go inside. A woman in a car parked outside talked to me. She was his wife. She was an American. She told me to be careful and not insult him. I asked her why? She told me a story that made me sick.

She said that one day she was cooking rice on the stove. She embarrassed him in front of his mother and he picked up the pot of boiling rice and threw it in his wife's face. She asked me to never tell him what she had said and I assured her I wouldn't. I never told him what she confided in me. Months later this man told me the same exact story. I never told him I knew about it or that his wife had told me.

I have despised Arab men ever since. He didn't love his wife at all. He was only concerned with how he felt and what his mother thought.

I thank God I was not born in an Arab country. Thank you God that I was born in the U.S. where I'm free. Well at least for the time being I'm free. Well, mostly free. Free to pay taxes, pay more and more for the com government.

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