Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pakistani Actress Veena Malik Defies Mullah Accusing Her of Immoral Behavior on an Indian Reality TV Show

Veena Malik is the bravest woman I've ever seen. She defied a Mullah who accused her of immoral behavior on a television show. Good thing he doesn't live here in the U.S. He'd want to kill all the actresses in Hollywood. I just imagine that he'd want to kill every American woman because of how we dress, act, look, speak, think, etc. Makes me very uncomfortable when I'm at the store and see an Arab there. I feel sure they would just love to kill every woman, man, and child there.

Have they beheaded Veena Malik yet? These idiots are afraid of a real woman. That's why they have to shut them up. I don't understand why the other women of Pakistan don't stand up for her. I guess it's like the feminists here in the U.S.. They wouldn't defend Sarah Palin when she was being degraded for being a feminist.

What does that word feminist mean? "...the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men."

I thought the constitution said that all persons were born with certain inalienable rights that can't be alienated, surrendered, or transferred. The feminists don't believe in the constitution, obviously.

The women of Pakistan are not equal in social, political, or entertainment with men. The women of Pakistan have a Superwoman among them. I just hope she can remain safe. There is a special place in hell for men like that. That's not being a man. A man protects women and not try to destroy them verbally or physically.


  1. Searcher, good job!


  2. first of all I wanna say I am neither Muslim nor Arab. I think in different way than you all people. I have been seen even many women in Pakistan call her slut and just ignore her. that's quite impressive. Islam is their culture and according to that she should be stoned to death. not beheaded because I heard normally it was done to men. don't look at their culture in Western society's eye. it's their culture and you people are not allowed to interfere with it just because you believe it's not okay relative to what you believe or your tradition. I am a Buddhism and according to my tradition.

    we are freed to do whatever we want. even whores,thieves,murders are allowed to be monks and preach Darma even in 2500 years ago when the Christianity had a very strict law. even your women had not given freedom ,when we had a great civilization Britons were in Wild like barbarians.
    if they can be a good person. but still it's not allowed in Christianity. now are we going to blame on you people Church should accept any kind of person in it even now they behave well.? no it's non of our business. I don't understand why many of Americans worry about Middle Eastern people while bomb on them.
    they have killed millions of people so far. but still worrying their men don't treat women well, they are infidels, etc.. take care your own business. I am an Asian too. Pakistan is an Asian country too. so I speak behalf of Asia and I say you Americans take care your own business.

    now I know when I leave someone will come and make a pathetic argument against mine. the thing is though Americans do so many bad things still they have answers to it. they may be kill hundred of women in Middle east tomorrow and confess it is a mistake. lol how petty.

    actually I feel uncomfortable when I see an American in every time. they are more violence than Arabs.

  3. I'm wondering if the women have a choice in any matter in Arab countries? Do they get to voice their wishes at all? Do the men only get to say who is stoned? Do only men say who committed what sin? Why are men the only one to have a say in social matters?

    Long ago I worked for a man who was from Iran. The first day I was to start working at this company I parked my car and started to go inside. A woman in a car parked outside talked to me. She was his wife. She was an American. She told me to be careful and not insult him. I asked her why? She told me a story that made me sick.

    She said that one day she was cooking rice on the stove. She embarrassed him in front of his mother and he picked up the pot of boiling rice and threw it in his wife's face. She asked me to never tell him what she had said and I assured her I wouldn't. I never told him what she confided in me. Months later this man told me the same exact story. I never told him I knew about it or that his wife had told me.

    I have despised Arab men ever since. He didn't love his wife at all. He was only concerned with how he felt and what his mother thought.