Thursday, March 31, 2011

Republican Women's Day at the State Capitol With My Box of Rocks

The State Republican Women's Clubs met at the state capitol for a day of events. We had to register from 8:00 to 9:00 am and then mingle and eat pastries and sip coffee on the 2nd Floor of the Rotunda. Then we gathered in the House Gallery for recognition from the Legislature. We were to be seated by 9:00 am and I arrived late. After registering I went into the Legislature Gallery. The only seats left were right smack in the middle. Who wants to walk in front of all the other women who arrived on time? A lady who works at the capitol helped me find a seat. The one that was right in the middle. As soon as I walked by all the ladies who arrived on time and sat down and warmed the seat, our president motioned all of us to go into the hallway. I should've stayed standing where I was on the side so no one in my club would have known I arrived late.

We were herded to the Supreme Court Hallway where we SAT down and listened to the President Pro Tempore, the Speaker of the House, the State Attorney General, the State Labor Commissioner, and the State Auditor and Inspector give us a pep talk. They told us how they couldn't have gotten elected without our help. We raise money, have fund raisers, make tons of phone calls, walk the streets giving out literature for candidates, and place signs in people's yards. Ya, I'd say we help. After the pep talk we get to ask questions. That is a good way to get inside information.

Around 11:00 am all the ladies gathered scrunched together on a beautiful stairway to have our picture taken with Legislators. I wish now I'd have called mine and asked him to be there. Everyone was wearing a red jacket or red top. It was a nice time of bonding. We got to meet women from other clubs around that state. I hope I get a copy of the picture.

When all the smiles were set in history with a picture, we gingerly, carefully, turned around on those stairs and went back to the 2nd Floor Rotunda to eat a boxed lunch. Can't believe that cost $10.00. A sandwich of cold cuts, small bag of chips, a pasta salad (yuck), and something that I was told was a lemon square. It looked like white flour and sugar packed down and pressed together. I didn't eat much. Just the meat from the sandwich and half the tiny bag of chips. However, the company at our table was very nice. I got to know one of the newer members of our club. That was very nice because we both try to avoid eating white flour, so we talked about that. Representatives who are in my club came by and sat down and ate with us. Other people, I had no idea who they were, came up to the president of our club and shook her's and everyone else's hand. I may not wash my hand for a while. Well, I had to for hygiene's sake. Secretly, I wondered if they knew I really didn't know much and certainly didn't know many people in the political world and I may only be able to help them with calling, walking, and my vote. I felt a little intimidated. There I was, a housewife who just cleans, cooks, blogs, and does creative things, smiling and shaking hands with very smart people who make things happen.

After lunch I went to find my Representative and Senator. My Representative was in a conference so I just left my name with his aid. My message was the same one I always tell him. Get some sleep. He is just like me in that he's a night owl. He stays late in his office and he blogs about all the legislation he is working on. Links to his blog are on all my blogs.

When I left his office I saw his old secretary Lori and said hello to her. Then I saw someone coming down the hallway toward me. It was a young woman who I had gone with to put signs in yards during a campaign. She is from North Carolina but likes it better here because it's more conservative. We talked for a while and caught up on what she plans to do. She is an aid for one of the Representatives but is looking for other work because this is temporary. We said our goodbyes and I went to find my Senator.

Sometimes there are things I do that I nearly wish I hadn't. I haven't been keeping up with legislation because of caring for my dying mother the last several years. That was a 24/7 job. Watching someone slowly fade away and die is not conducive to keeping up with politics or world events. I found my Senator's office but no one was there. I popped out into the hallway and I saw him briefly as he was going on to the Senate Floor for roll call. I had found a paper to leave him a note and I was just starting to write when he came in the office. He sat down beside me and asked if he could help me. And what did I say? No, I just wanted to pop in and see him. He told me he had a new post which was the Head Chair of the Energy Senate Standing Committee. He said it was all new to him and he was having to study about all the different forms of energy. I didn't know what to say and felt so dumb. I couldn't think of anything to ask him. The only thing I asked him was why he hadn't been at the County Convention? He said that his children have so many events he has to attend and he can't be every where. I left there feeling like I need to start keeping up with things now that my mother has died. The feeling of being dumber than a box of rocks is slowly fading. I hope I can at least read about one issue and have an intelligent conversation about it the next time I'm around those who make things happen. That will have to wait until I finish doing my mother's taxes and mine.


  1. Dear Searcher, you underestimate yourself. As I see it, you do a lot more and know a lot more than a lot of people. Your participation helps and I am proud to be your friend. -Wayward

  2. Wayward,

    Thank you so much.

    I do hope I can begin again to take more notice of what's going on.

    I have such good representatives and senators that I can leave them be for a time. I sometimes wonder if they don't feel a little bit of relief when someone comes to them and asks about their health or that you just wanted to see them with no other motive.

    When I see my representative and see that he has dark circles under his eyes from not sleeping I want him to take care of himself so he can be there for a long time. I've seen them nearly sigh with relief. It's just a split second but I see it. I imagine everyone else outside their family is usually on their case.

    I'm so fortunate to live here where we now have conservatives in the capitol.