Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Root Canal On Hold

Went to the dentist last week with a toothache from... Let's just say the pain was exquisite. I could only think of one thing, how to stop the pain. I know why torture works. I don't usually take medicine and was trying to find a natural remedy but failed in my attempt. I ended up taking antibiotic and Ibuprofen. Now I want to eat and eat. I went to the store and came out with mostly carbohydrates. Good carbohydrates but carbs none the less. I went in for Kefir, a pro-biotic, and came out with a bag of potatoes, a loaf of tiny squares of pumpernickel bread, sour dough English Muffins, and peanut butter (the natural kind that only has peanuts), bananas, and garlic. The only thing in the bag that wasn't carbohydrates was the garlic.

Antibiotics do a number on me. I think the number is going to be in a measure called pounds.

Last night I did eat some yogurt and today I tried to eat better but I can see this is going to be a battle. I may have to buy pro-biotic in capsules.

I went to the dentist yesterday thinking I would be having a root canal but the dentist wasn't sure which tooth was the problem so he said we'd wait and see. He reminded me that in 2009 I went to him with the same problem and the same tooth. He said the same thing happened and things calmed down. He thinks it's a tooth going bad and in time we will be able to pinpoint which tooth it is. This way he won't work on the wrong tooth. He took x-rays on two different days. The second day they were a different angle and the dentist said he could see better which tooth was the problem. Personally, I think his assistant could have done a better job with the x-rays the first time. But what do I know?

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