Monday, March 14, 2011

Is It A Premonition?

There have been times in my life when I may have had a premonition. I'm not sure if that's what is happening, I'm not sure what a premonition is, and haven't studied it. I think I read an online dictionary definition of the word but that's about it. I haven't had many, but they happened none the less. I don't know why I had them, but I did.

The first one that I can recall was when I lived on an acreage outside of town. One morning after the kids went to school I packed my Bible and went to my Sunday School teacher's house. We studied the Bible and prayed. She was a very nice lady, but I didn't agree with her on a certain issue of Bible doctrine. I didn't argue with her about those differences. I don't even know if she was aware of how I felt.

After I left her house and was driving home I decided to go past my house and go to a small store out in the country. I don't remember now what I went to get but it was probably gas for the truck. Trucks take a lot of gas. I drove past my mail box which was out on the side of the road across from our gate. We had one of those very large mail boxes. Nothing special, just your average, silver color mail box. I turned to go south on the dirt road and headed to the little store/gas station. Suddenly I saw someone put a cardboard box in my mail box. It was sort of like the things you see on television where you see something and it's fuzzy around the edges. I thought that was strange to be seeing someone put a box inside my mail box. I had driven long passed where I could see my mail box. I drove on to the little store and bought what I needed and turned around and headed home. I stopped at my mail box and opened it up and there was a box inside my mail box.

I couldn't wait to see what was in this box. When I got home and opened it up it was a very large blue book. A Wycliffe New Testament Translation of the Bible. My mother had sent it to me.

I wondered about what I had seen. I felt strange and decided not to tell anyone about it. That happened over 25 years ago.

Fast forward to 2011 and I've had several other strange things happen. I don't understand them and feel strange about it. I will relate them now in hopes someone else has had this happen to them and have an explanation for it.

Last November my mother passed away. She had been living here in our house for about eleven months. Before that she lived just down the street so that we could help her in her later years. We would do her lawn work, cook food and take it to her house, run errands, wash her clothes and take them back to her house, take her to the doctor, check on her all the time, take walks with her, pay her bills, wash dishes, watch tv with her, make phone calls, and make appointments for her. After she passed away the funeral director said he would mail me the death certificates. He didn't know when he would get them so I waited.

I needed these certificates in order to do a lot of legal work for her. There is a lot of legal work to be done when a loved one dies. Even if they have taken care of a lot of it before hand there are taxes, bank accounts, a home to sell, rent, or keep. There are clothes to make decisions about. There are dishes, eating utensils, pots and pans, tooth brushes, towels, blankets, beds, chairs, piano, their mail, and pictures. Some of those things don't require a death certificate and some do. It's very difficult to do these things after someone dies.

Our mail comes around 4:00 p.m. One day I was feeling extremely sad and cried very hard all day long. About two months had past since my mother's death and I was not crying like I had at the first. So I thought it was strange that on this particular day I was crying all day long. I felt so bad that I had to lie down for an hour or so. Later I went to get the mail there was a large envelope from the funeral home. I opened it and there was my mother's death certificate. I bust into tears when I read it. The next day I was sad but not crying all day long.

On another occasion the same thing happened. I cried all day long and could not understand why I was feeling so bad. Then the mail came and there was an envelope from where my mother worked which had a check from her life insurance. I was better the next day.

It seems like when something important comes in the mail about my mother or from her I can feel it before it arrives. I don't know why that is. I can't explain it. If anyone has a clue it would be interesting to hear.

I'm not psychic and I don't have special powers. I just know what happened. It's not a murder mystery or anything earth shattering but it is unusual. I'm wondering if this is related to my experience when i felt the waves of sadness coming from the Murrah Building after the bombing.

When was the first translation of the Bible made into English?

This was completed by John Wycliffe in 1382 (the New Testament having been done in 1380). The translation was made from Jerome's Latin Vulgate as Wycliffe did not know sufficient Hebrew or Greek.

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  1. Searcher, this is so very interesting. You say that you are not psychic and that you don't have special powers, but actually, it seems like you might indeed have one which is specifically related as you said to your mother.

    Question: Why do you mention the dates of translation of the Bible? ~Wayward