Friday, February 27, 2009

Waterloo? Did Bonaparte Conceal and Carry?

The class for Conceal and Carry was full at the campus I wanted to attend but they started another class at a different campus. This has been such a popular class that they may have to expand it. I told the secretary they should have a class at night for working people. The class I'm enrolled in is farther away but I signed up anyway. It's only for two days so I can manage. It starts the latter part of March so I have some time to get used to the idea of carrying a gun. Sends shivers down me. Just looking at them turns my blood cold.

I'd rather not have to take up carrying an arm but if I have to I will. I'm no better than other people who have defended themselves or their country. I look at it like my right to vote or do any of the other things the Constitution says I have a right to, like life, liberty, and speaking up for what I believe. I'm so accustomed to a free life that I don't realize all I'm at liberty to do. I don't want my country to just roll over and submit to this unlawful robbery of our money, freedom, and way of life. Besides if the congress takes away my money and I can't buy enough food I will need a way to hunt for food. Now I wish I'd learned to hunt.

I live in a populated area but the other day I saw a dead possum lying in the road just outside my home. How does possum stew sound? Delicious?
Mother possum giving her baby something to eat.

If I'd have had this training many years ago when I was living alone I wouldn't have been raped. That would have spared me all the time in recuperation. Now that's a story all by itself. Makes me shudder. Wish I'd have known karate also. The guy would have been missing several items of jewelry he holds dear. I mean he would be able to sing high A. Beats the heck out of scalping him and making him bald the rest of his life. God help me. I'm wanting to hurt him again. I hope he met his Waterloo.

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