Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tornadoes February 10, 2009

Today we're having tornadoes. On tornado hit several very large homes and just ripped them apart. There was a boat sitting on a trailer and the tornado took the boat off the trailer and moved it 3/4 of a mile but left the trailer untouched. There was a Target store that had the back part of it's roof removed. A Chuck-E-Cheese pizza business had the back part of it removed.

Lots of pets are out roaming around dazed. They are being taken to a Vet. clinic. There are power lines down on Pennsylvania Avenue. Schools in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Piedmont, and Yukon were on lock down. The buses were not running because of danger of downed power lines, and flying debris.

About 10,500 customers lost Gas and Electric power, spokesman Brian Alford said.

Utility poles block part of an intersection after they were blown over in Oklahoma City, Tuesday , Feb. 10, 2009

Anouar Bachouchi shows where he was seated at his desk moments before a storm blew out the windows at a U.S. Cellular store.

Fantastic Sams salon in Oklahoma City shows storm damage.

Fed Ex - Kinkos store in Oklahoma City.

Sign at a shopping center in Oklahoma City is bent and twisted following a store.

We are bracing for more storms tonight. So far no one has been seriously injured.
Must go now because of the lightening.

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