Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tornado Kills 8 People In Lone Grove, Oklahoma

Seven people from Lone Grove, and a truck driver from Jones, Okla., who was driving through the area at the time of the tornado, were killed by this tornado. Two people are still missing. It started about 7:20 pm, it was between 1/4 to 1/2 mile wide. The winds were about 175 miles an hour.

I feel very sad for those people there in Lone Grove. They've lost everything and some lost the most precious thing, their lives.

I don't know the names of those who died.

One previous tornado in
CHICKASHA, Okla. on May 8, 1999 had carried a tiny baby away and dropped her in a field.

"A baby and her parents had been sucked out of the closet where they'd taken shelter. Both parents were injured, while 10-month-old Aleah Crago was missing."

"Deputy Sherriff Robert Jolley, 27, was in his patrol car, looking to lend a hand with his in-car video camera rolling. He says he caught a movement out of the corner of his eye near some trees on the side of the road. He went over and, under a tree, saw what appeared to be a baby."

"It looked to me like a rag doll," says Jolley. "I reached under the debris, and pulled the baby out. I think when the baby reached out for me when I sat her down to check her, that was probably when I started thinking about being a father. Yeah, I cried."

"Remarkably, little Aleah suffered only a small cut on her head, and some bruises. She was soon reunited with her mother. Her father remains hospitalized, in critical condition. Her grandmother was killed in the storm, one of more than 40 fatalities that night in Oklahoma."

Here is another version of the story about Aleah Crago being rescued by Robert Jolley.

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  1. Searcher, I have been listening to radio and seeing reports on Fox News Channel. I'm glad that you are ok. I heard that one cut a swath .5 miles wide.

    I think I would rather stay with my Southern California earthquakes than be where a tornado can come and rip my house off the ground.

    Stay safe.