Saturday, January 17, 2009

Looking for Windows, Heating, Air Conditioning, Insulation, and Roofing

Just got back from the Oklahoma Home and Garden Show at the state fair grounds. I got there late and so only saw one building. I was looking for windows, heating, air conditioning, insulation, and roofing. I'm really glad I went because now I'm even more confused about windows. I had a company named Champion install several windows last Monday. I love the windows but they left a part of the old window which is aluminum and it plus my old windows had mold on them. I had cleaned the mold off but it kept coming back. I'm really worried that the part they left from the old windows will begin to grow mold again. In fact I am feeling very depressed and crying for no apparent reason. At the Home and Garden Show tonight I saw the man who sold us the windows and I told him the problem and he said that Monday he would have someone come out and check the installation and find out what the problem is. He called someone and I heard him say to them on the phone, "No, I won't." I wonder what it is he won't do? I thought to myself maybe he was told by the other person on the phone not to admit to any problem or they were wrong.

I have spent the last eleven years cleaning the mold and moisture off the windows in this house. I would love to have time to do other things. I have a cough that is very deep when there is mold on the windows. It gives me headaches. It's no wonder I'm feeling very depressed.

The windows that were in this house when we bought it were two sets of aluminum storm windows. There was a dead space in between them. That space would fill with moisture and then mold. I would have to leave one of the windows open in order to dry out the space in between. If it rained there would be a half to an inch of water standing in between the windows. I had to use so many towels to dry and clean these windows nearly every day it wasn't funny. I have put paper towels between the windows but that didn't help. When it is cold outside there is ice on the frames. I wanted to take off the outside set of windows but the screws holding them on were rusted. I have used bleach on the windows to clean the mold. It comes back every few months. I bought a chemical that I had to buy and use a hazard mask with a respirator on it. I had to buy expensive chemical gloves and huge plastic sheets. I put the plastic sheets up on the doorways with tape to keep the fumes out of the rest of the house. I have parrots and the fumes would kill them. I'm so sick of this mess I can't even begin to put it into words.

Now that I have expensive new windows and the installers left part of the old window I'm just sick. I went to the Home and Garden Show to find some other company to put in the rest of my windows.

I was looking for another source of heat for my house too. Last winter, 2007, we had an ice storm here and it knocked out the power to nearly all the homes in this city. We had nearly 600,000 homes and businesses without electricity Tuesday. There were 15 deaths. There were more than 100 reports of fires mostly from tree limbs crashing into live power lines. The sound of branches snapping under the weight of ice echoed through Oklahoma City neighborhoods. It was so loud that it would wake me up in the middle of the night. I was terrified that something would fall on one of the surrounding houses and they would catch on fire. Our neighborhood has trees that are 90 to 100 years old. Maybe more.

Interstate 40 west of Okemah, Okla. was ice-covered and four people died in one accident that involved 11 vehicles, including a tractor-trailer rig, said Highway Patrol Trooper Betsey Randolph. All 11 vehicles burned, she said. Eight other people also died on icy Oklahoma roads. A transient died of hypothermia in Oklahoma City.


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