Monday, February 15, 2016

Neighbors Pitt Bull Dog Killing Her Puppy



On January 26, 2016 I was opening a curtain in my office when I happened to look outside and what I saw was upsetting. I saw the Pitt Bull dog mother attacking one of her puppies inside an igloo dog house. I knew she was attacking the puppy because I could hear the puppy screaming in pain.

I called the owner of the dog and told her what I saw and she said she'd be home in a few minutes. She didn't come home in a few minutes. I was very afraid for the puppy and I quickly grabbed my pepper spray, my phone, and a long dowel rod and went outside to the fence in order to try to stop the massacre . I used the dowel rod to hit the fence and a tree in order to get the attention of the mother dog and the other puppy who was helping in the killing. Noting I did stopped this madness. I was sick to my stomach, shaking horribly, and trying to think of something that would stop this without endangering my own life. The only thing that I could think of was calling animal control.  When they answered I told them what was happening and gave them my address saying that the attack was behind the house directly next door to the east. They too said they would have someone there in a few minutes.

This poor little puppy didn't have a few minutes. I was beside myself knowing that the puppy was being killed. It was horrible. I called the police and told them of the attack and they sent the call to the animal control. They knew who was calling and said they had someone on the way. I told the man that it was horrible and he told me not to watch. I thought that he was right and I closed my curtain and tried not to listen to the puppy screaming for help. I was shaking so bad I couldn't do much. I did go to another window and finally the owner showed up as well as the animal control. The animal control person was a woman. What is a woman going to do to control a Pitt Bull dog? She did nothing. She spoke to the owner briefly and then to my astonishment they hugged as if they were old friends. The owner wore a smile as he entered the gate to his backyard. The animal control person stood outside the fence.

The owner went over to where the puppy was lying in front of the igloo dog house and he reached down to touch the little thing and it screamed and it's little leg raised up as if to say, please don't hurt me. I started to cry. The owner found the mother dog and drug her by the collar into a large chain link cage. Then the animal control person entered the yard and went to see the puppy. Neither of them did anything but stood there talking. I couldn't watch anymore of this theater and left the window. Later I looked again and the puppy was gone and so was the animal control.

The owner's wife, the person that I called at first came home about 3:30 pm, about two hours after she said she'd be there in a few minutes. Her young son rode up on his bicycle and stopped close to his mother's car where she was sitting with the car door open. She said something to her son and pointed to my house and the boy looked this direction. I wondered what she'd said. I also wondered if this boy would blame me for calling the animal control and the possible consequences that could mean.

I had thought of going next door and telling them what I'd seen but kept crying and felt very fragile emotionally. I thought of the old saying, "No good deed goes unpunished."  These people love these dogs but are so ignorant. I thought of how they might react to me calling the animal control and because I don't know them well I decided not to go.

I cried off and on for three days. If you've ever watched a television program where a wild animal kills for it's food you'll have only witnessed it, but if you could hear the animal being killed screaming in pain you'd understand how horrible it is for the victim. And this mother Pitt Bull dog was killing her own puppy and not for food.

The owner took his killer dog to a farm for a change of scenery. I thought he'd have it put down but the dog is back in its yard and walking around loose off it's chain. When will these people wake up and stop denying this is a dangerous dog. I'm amazed at how people can be in denial on so many levels. People think that just because it hasn't happened yet it won't happen.

My husband was in shock when I told him what happened. He didn't know what to say. He was in denial about these dogs too. I have never been in denial about the possibility that these dogs would or could attack a person. In fact there is a black male Pitt Bull dog at this same house that jumped the fence into my yard and ran up to me to attack me. I was prepared because I don't trust these dogs. I had a large can of mace and a very long dowel rod. I sprayed the mace at the dog but I don't think it hit its face. I stood there yelling and screaming at the dog to get out of my yard. The dog ran over to a corner of the yard and tried to get out.
When this black Pitt Bull dog ran to the corner I started screaming help as loud as possible. The owner came outside and came to the fence and pulled his dog over the fence by it's collar. The owner then asked me what I'd done to get the dog into my yard. I couldn't believe that he would blame me for the dog attack. The owner asked me if I'd been teasing or tormenting the dog. I yelled at him in a very hateful way, "NO!!!" His attitude tells me that he is either in denial or trying to cover for his animal's acts. Possibly both.

After this attempted attack I went to the animal control office and filled out a complaint. The animal control people acted like I was the criminal. These idiots wouldn't care if I'd been bitten, chewed up, or killed. I'm not going to ever get any help from animal control. Why? Because the owner of the dogs works for the city and is friends with a lot of the other people who work for the city.

Here is sit writing when I need to get up and go to the shooting range and practice my skills. I don't know how to avoid being seriously injured or killed. I've thought of all sorts of ways to keep these animals away from me and my loved ones. I've researched to find something other than shooting and killing them if they jump the fence again. It won't be something I enjoy doing but I'm not willing to be a victim. I just wish my husband would wake up out of his denial. He said he went to the fence and the female Pitt Bull dog was wagging it's tail and happy to see him. I imagine that the little puppy wagged it's tail and was happy to see it's mother when she turned on her own and viciously killed it.

Here are pictures of the attack by the mother dog and one of the other puppies.

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