Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mom dies

On November 15, 2010 my mother passed away. I had been caring for her here in my home for eleven months. Here is her picture when she was a baby.

My mother with her brother and sister in their wagon. She is in front.

Mom with her brother and sister milking cows.

Mom with her brother and sister. She's the youngest child.

My mother as a very young child.

My grandmother loving on her daughter.

The house my mother lived in.

Another house labeled "Wiebe House" where she may have lived. I say may have lived because there were more than one family in our family with the last name Wiebe.

My grandparents with their three children. Grandmother is holding my mother.

My grandparents truck on top of a pile of grain after harvest.

Sisters. Both gone now.

Grandmother's turkeys she raised to make money. My mother watered the turkeys and the chickens.

My grandfather's Schooner Teams.

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