Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chinese Bug Spray

What's with the Chinese? I purchased a pair of very nice pants at Sam's a few weeks ago for a reasonable price. I brought them home and tried them on, they fit, and I put them in to wash. After drying them and hanging them in my closet they hung there until last Sunday. When I pulled these Calvin Klein pants out to wear to church I just happened to smell something on the pants. These pants smell of bug spray. No kidding!

This is not the first thing I've purchased that was made in China and smelled of the exact same oder, bug spray. I first noticed it on a bag that is used for Christmas gift giving. It was one of those pretty little bags to put gifts in so you don't have to buy a box, gift wrap, and spend a lot of time wrapping. I put the gift bag in the garage to let it air out and it never aired out. I ended up throwing it away. Now I smell all the gift bags I buy. I know it looks strange but it's stranger to have China putting bug spray in their products.

One other thing that I buy that has the oder of bug spray are the plastic bowl covers. I just had to toss another set of these bowl covers because they smelled of bug spray. Nice try China. What better way to poison people than to use something we put on our food to store it. I think I'm going with all glass. And not from China.

I had bought a pair of stretch pants from a Dollar General Store and they smelled like bug spray too. I washed them several times and they still smelled. I let them hang out in the garage for a while and that didn't help. I took them back to get a refund.

I'm taking the Calvin Klein pants back to Sam's soon. The pants are very nice except for the bug spray. If I wanted to wear bug spray I'd buy a can and apply it myself. I just had one of my "positive" thoughts. What if the Chinese are putting bug spray in cologne and perfume???? Don't buy cologne or perfume from China.

What else are they putting bug spray in???????? My advice is to smell everything. I'd buy only items made in the USA but... well you know what our wonderful government has done by trading with China. They've put American's out of business and we don't have many choices sometimes.

Smell everything.

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