Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not Our Governor

The news flash on local radio today was our Governor Mary Fallin may be considered for a Vice President position with Mitt Romney. The news media did all in their power to destroy Sarah Palin after she was chosen by John McCain. They did everything you would imagine a jealous teenage girl would do to someone who caught her boyfriend's eye. The news media are like a bunch of drunken, bar room Madames. They lie, cheat, steal, and try to kill anyone who gets in their way of a dollar.

Most of the opinions on the local talk radio show were saying, 'Not our governor. We need her here working for us.' If she were to quit now and become a candidate for VP with Romney wouldn't this be the second verse to that same song we heard last presidential election? The Media Madames of the second rank would start their insane attacks and not stop until she were destroyed. The Left always use the same tactics of personal attacks instead of focusing on policy. The Media Madames of the second rank are like re-runs of movies that were failures the first time around. Why would you want to see a Media Madame of the second rank re-run? Unless your perverted with a very dark since of humor. And they are.

I have heard the names of several people floating around and right now the only one I can remember is Marco Rubio. Now that might be a winning ticket to an academy award. Or maybe Rick Santorum would consider a run for VP.

I'm just paranoid enough to wonder who first came up with the idea of Governor Fallin for VP? If it was a Left Wing Media persona then I'd say they were wanting someone else to try to rip to shreds. If so, I say take a flying leap to the sun. Go some place very hot. Why would a Left Wing Media Madame of the second rank even think of a conservative woman? Why from this state? I can think of a couple of reasons.

1. They want to destroy another conservative woman because she is God fearing, country loving, anti-abortion, and pretty. Which is the second verse of last election where they tried to destroy Governor Sarah Palin. Not like the Left Wing Media Madames who are so ugly hateful it makes a sailor blush.

2. They want to get her out of Oklahoma. Just last month our governor gave some not so nice feedback to the current office holder in the White House. They know she is a strong conservative who will fight for this state's oil and gas rights. What better way to hurt this totally red state than to weaken our oil and gas rights.

That Media Madame is ABC Political Reporter Jonathan Karl. Never heard of him because I don't have time to listen to people who want to brain wash me with lie after lie. I've watched GMA and they have the Muppets on as news. The world is on fire and their big news story is the Muppets? Why did Karl bring up Governor Fallin as a possible VP? Hummm? I smell a RAT. I have a question for Jonathan Karl. Why are you mentioning our governor as a possible VP choice? The Media Madames of the second rank make nice with people of the conservative persuasion and then turn on them. Who needs Media Madames?

I'm just saying.

I'm just wondering.

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