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Last Saturday I volunteered to be a guide for the 2011 Symphony Show House.

I was apprehensive about my appearance but I think I did okay. I wore a pair of white pants and a new summer short sleeve top. The top had large green flowers on the front. It looks very stylish. I had an old turquoise jacket that fit me so I wore it. It's the only jacket that will meet in the middle, if you know what I mean. I wore tennis shoes because I didn't want to be standing for hours with aching feet. It's hard to smile when you hurt.

The house is incredible. I still haven't gone to take the tour for myself. I want to go soon. When I arrived I found a parking space really close to the entrance. The area the house is in is called Nichols Hills. It has some of the most beautiful home in the city. It's one of the older areas of the city. Nichols Hills has an ordance about parking.

¶3 The pertinent parts of Ordinance No. 700 include:

Section 1

B. It shall be unlawful and an offense for any person, firm or corporation to park any commercial vehicle, recreational vehicle, trailer, taxi-cab or mobile home or any vehicle of any kind except a private passenger vehicle on private property located within the U-1 use district, between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m., unless such vehicle is parked on a permanently hard surfaced area or driveway completely to the rear of the front wall of the main building located on the property, and unless such vehicle shall be screened from view from the main and any side street upon which the property abuts. Provided, however, that pickup trucks which have no commercial license, sign, logo or markings and no visible load or cargo shall be exempt from the screening requirements only of this subsection. ...

If your working on the house or lawn you must park off the street out of view. They are a little snooty in this area.

At the Symphony Show House I was assigned to the "Elegant Play" room. Go to these links to see the room I was in. This link is Kellie Clements Interior Designer's Web site. At first I didn't like the room but the more I was there the more I appreciated the design aspects of the room. The moment I walked in I knew the reason they gave it to me. I matched the colors in the room. Seriously.

The president-elect of the Symphony Show House told me that she wishes she had twenty people like me. I told her I wished I'd been told more about the rooms items. There is a chandelier in the room that is made of hand blown glass. The artist is from Edmond, Oklahoma, a small university town about 10 minutes north of Oklahoma City. No one could tell me his name. When I first got there this same lady told me that the artist was opening an Italian restaurant in Edmond and he would have a studio in the restaurant so while you eat you can watch him blow glass designs. She also said that if they bought a chandelier from him he would come and install it personally. The chandelier is like a Dale Chihuly art glass in the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. See the attached picture. The chandelier costs $4,500.

"Italian Jim's Restaurant" located at 15 and 13 S. Broadway, in Historic Downtown Edmond, Ok. Their blog is at

The artists names are Micah & Chris McGahan. The glass they blow is spectacular.
Here is an example of their glass. I borrowed the picture from their blog. Hope they don't mind.

There was a rug in the room that was made by Designer Rugs. It costs $8,000. I loved the coffee table with it's drift wood base. There is an area that you can't see in the picture that has a desk and chair. I liked the upholstery on the chair. On the wall above the desk is a grouping on pictures drawn by the 2nd grade class of Nichols Hills Elementary School. It gave me an idea of how to display my sons childhood art work.

I felt rather good about myself after this lady said she wished she had twenty of me. I went there feeling rather down about myself. I tried to learn about everything in the room that I possibly could so I could talk to people about them. I hope someone bought something from the room. I feel sure they did. There were some very rich people who came through. I could tell by the way they looked at the items in the room and some of them I knew from local television.

One lady that does commercials for a local camera store went through the house. She is the daughter of the owner of Epperson Photo. I always take my film to be developed there. I have taken my film there for about 20 years. They have never lost or damaged a roll of film. They sell cameras and equipment. It's not the cheapest place to have film developed but it's the best. My pictures always look better than other places. I think it's the paper they use. Anyway, this lady came through the Symphony House and I remembered I had pictures to pick up that had been there for a month. She was sort of arrogant.

I took one brake during the time I was there. I went to my car to drink a concoction I made that morning. I have to eat something every couple of hours for my blood sugar. I really like the new low sodium V-8 juice. It makes me feel so good. I add fresh spinach leaves, ginger, and parsley to it. Makes a great in-between meal snack.

You can take a virtual tour of the Symphony Show House at . I found a place that has a picture of the room I was in. or see it in the attached picture "DeskArea Elegant Play room". Notice the area just above the desk. It has the children's art. To see this area of the room follow the link here.

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