Monday, March 21, 2011

Native American Influence

A neighbor brought her grandson to our house Saturday. He told me it was his birthday. I had forgotten. He is thirteen years old now. I've known him since he was a wee lad. He wanted to visit with my husband but he was fishing. My husband said he thinks the lad wants to learn to fish.

The rest of the day I tried to think of something to buy him for his special 13th birthday. I was very pleased he had come here to tell us because my own son does not bring his children to see me very much. It's usually a special occasion.

Because this young man had come to see me I wanted to do something nice for him. I didn't have a lot of money to buy a gift so it would have to be something inexpensive. I had to go to the farmer's market to buy apples, oranges, and onions and while I was there I looked at the honey. I picked up a bottle of honey thinking of my neighbor's grandson. I bought one for him. Then I went to the dollar store to find pillow cases. I found some nice tan cases and a birthday card for him. I knew I had some material at home with a Native American motif on it. I stopped at another dollar store to try to find wrapping paper with a Native American design but there was none. I bought a lime green gift bag and tissue paper. I also found a very nice fake leather, dark green journal book that I thought he could write down his journey into manhood. I also bought him a pair of green flip-flops. Armed with all these things I went home to begin to make him a present.

You ask, what on earth could I make with these items? I worked on finding the material with the Native American motif, setting up the sewing machine, washing the pillow cases and after that I had to eat. The next day I worked on making a border for the pillow cases. I have one of them sewed on the pillow.

When I've finished with the other pillow case I'll put all these things in the gift bag and on the card I'll write:
Dear _____,

Now that you have begun your journey into manhood I want to give you some gifts that symbolize my wishes for your life.

1. Honey: When I bought the honey I thought of your health and how sweet you are. I hope you have perfect health all your life and that you remain as sweet as this honey.

2. Pillow case: When I decided to make you these pillow cases my wish for you is that you always have a place to lay your head to sleep. That you always have a home to call your own. I also wish for you to dream big. Let you dreams and plans for life make you soar like the eagle.

3. Flip-flops: When I saw the flip-flops I thought about where your feet would take you on your journey. I wish for you to say on a straight path and that you let God of heaven lead you all your life. These are mens size because you are becoming a man now.

4. Dark Green Journal: I wish you to write down every day something that happened to you that day. Write letters to God and watch how he helps you and answers your letters. Keep your journal because some day you will have children who will want to know what it was like when you grew into a man and you will have this to help guide them.

5. Apple & Orange: I wish that you always have something good and healthy to eat. That you never go hungry as you grow into a man.

6. Picture of John Wayne: I want you to have this picture that my father purchased. He bought about a dozen of them. He loved John Wayne and admired him. He was a lot like John Wayne. I hope you have positive roll models for your life and this is a good one to have.

I hope he likes his gift. He's a special young man about to have the journey of his life.

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  1. Laurette, over the years that I have gotten to know you I keep learning how sensitive and thoughtful you are and what a poetic nature you have.