Monday, February 28, 2011

Lowes Lowsey Heaters

I purchased a ventless gas heater from Lowes and had a plumber install it. It cost me $150 for the heater and $209 for the install. The heater spewed out an odor for a week. It gave me a strange head ache and my eyes burned. I left the windows open so it would get enough air for combustion. Even with the windows open it still smelled. I had the plumber come out to check it. He said it was fine and couldn’t smell anything. He said it would cost $100 to UN-install the heater. I didn’t want to spend anymore money on the heater so here it sits.

I did try to complain by using the comments section of Lowes Web site. People who purchased an item can tell what they think and if the item works and if they like it. Each time I leave a negative comment about the heater spewing out fumes I get an email saying they won’t post it. The reason they give is because of some policy I’m not following. Ya, right.

I had been using these comments section as a way to select a heater. I was planning on using Lowes to order a direct vent heater for our home. Now I’m not ordering anything from Lowes. I’ll go some place else. If you can’t complain on the comments section then why waist time reading all the other comments.

I waisted a lot of time trying to read on their Web site what other people experienced with their heaters. Who can you trust?

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