Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oklahomans Making A Difference

Last night I attended a Republican Women's Club. The main speaker showed slides of Iraq and what he did there.

While he was a representative he pushed to create penalties for employers who hire illegal immigrants.

He authored House Bill 2615 that would enact a "Stand Your Ground" law in Oklahoma, allowing citizens to use deadly force to protect themselves in public.

Representative Calvey was blamed for his involvement in the Oklahoma state school board.
" Shawnee, OK -- In a shocking reversal, the Oklahoma state school board yesterday overturned a policy protecting gay students from discrimination from teachers. The previous policy stated that teachers could not "deny benefits to any student" or "grant any advantage to any student" based on sexual orientation. The new policy reads, "the teacher shall comply with all federal and state anti-discrimination laws." Federal and state laws do not protect students on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Representative Kevin Calvey of Del City, OK released a press statement yesterday taking credit for requesting this change from the school board and thanking various conservative religious organizations for their assistance."

Pro-life bills stalled by Oklahoma Senate

"The Republican-controlled Oklahoma House has passed several important pro-life bills, but they're being held up by a Democrat Senate committee chairman, according to Rep. Kevin Calvey's "Capitol Update":

House Republicans Move forward with
Pro-Life Legislation, despite Senate Maneuvers

Joined by a woman who shared her personal story about abortion, House Republican leaders said today they would continue to press for pro-life legislation during the 2005 session.

"These issues surpass party lines," said Rep. Kevin Calvey (R-Del City), author of House Bill 1543, the Women's Right to Know and the Family Protection Act. "Unfortunately, Senate leadership today attempted to brush off these issues entirely by passing a watered-down bill at the eleventh hour."

Kevin Calvey's making a difference

Contact: State Rep. Kevin Calvey
Capitol: (405) 557-7370
Del City: (405) 808-0041

"OKLAHOMA CITY (February 2)– A proposed constitutional amendment would ensure that special interest groups cannot use the courts to strip the voters of their voice in the legislative process.

House Joint Resolution 1061, by State Rep. Kevin Calvey, would create the "Separation of Powers Act."

The proposed state constitutional amendment, which would have to be approved by the voters, would prevent any Oklahoma court from ordering a tax-or-spending increase based on claims that a state agency is underfunding a discretionary government program.

"The founders of our state did not envision that a court would be asked to set public policy on government funding," said Calvey, a Del City Republican who chairs the House Revenue and Taxation Committee. "Legislators hear from hundreds of constituents on these matters; the courts hear from only a few people in the courtroom. That’s why it is so important that these issues be left with the Legislature or the people through the initiative process."

Although Oklahoma’s public schools already receive more than $2 billion out of the state’s $6 billion budget, the Oklahoma Education Association has sued the state demanding the remaining $4 billion.

"The recent teachers’ union lawsuit is an outrageous example of a pressure group trying to usurp the constitutional authority of the people’s representatives," Calvey said. "It’s a bad idea to have unaccountable judges making these decisions as opposed to the elected representatives of the people."

When a similar school-funding lawsuit was filed in Kansas, the courts eventually ordered the Legislature to increase funding by nearly $300 million in a single year with more increases mandated in the future.

Eventually, Kansas lawmakers may have to come up with more than $800 million in new funding, threatening vital government services such as roads, law enforcement and health care in that state.

Another school funding lawsuit in Nevada ended with the courts tossing out voter-approved restrictions on tax increases to grease the skids for spending increases. That state, like Oklahoma, required either a supermajority for a tax increase to pass its legislature or sending the proposal to a vote of the people.

Calvey predicted the OEA lawsuit will eventually be thrown out of court in Oklahoma, but not before the state has been forced to spend thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend against the suit.

If HJR 1061 is approved, he said similar frivolous lawsuits would be thrown out "very quickly" in the future.

Calvey said the needs of Oklahoma voters should guide state-spending decisions, not the courts or wealthy special interest groups that can afford to bury opponents under frivolous lawsuits.

"This constitutional amendment will make it clear that it is the people and the Oklahoma Legislature, not the courts, who will make decisions on how to spend government revenue," Calvey said."

If your interested you can read something Kevin Calvey posted on his own blog at:

He talks about the Boy Scouts, Independence Day, and a Muslim Redneck.

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