Friday, February 27, 2009

Barak H. Obama critique on Economies

I'm copying this bit by bit from a pdf file. I tried to copy it in order to paste it but have found it impossible. I'm not great with pdf files. This will take some time to type but I think it is worth it.

Barak H. Obama read his economies at Harvard University. He is currently in Nairobi working for his doctorate. His dissertation is on "An econometric model of the staple theory of developmnet." His is one of the critiques picked among the many received in the Journal office of the Kenya's Sessional Paper No. 10, on African Socialism.

July, 1965 East Afriac Journal

Another Critique of Sessional Paper No. 10

Problems Facing Our Socialism

by Barak H. Obama
pg 26
Since many of the African countries achieved their independence there has been much talk about African Socialism. Moreover, there has been no individual or country which has at any time defined this seciali

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