Friday, February 20, 2009

The Bulvater Post

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Is this the bailout that no-one in congress was allowed to read ? ?

Here' some alarmism for you, not of the climate variety though.

From what I understand, each state will have to fund 40% to 50% of the cost of the projects that have been 'given away' in the stimulus. Problem being that the tax base to raise the additional funds has been eroded away so there is no way of paying for it! Hard-core sovietism could be coming your way soon.

On a separate note, anyone noticed the price of oil recently. It is being driven into the ground. Thinking the unthinkable...could places like Dubai go broke and eventually become ghost towns? Could the giant, untouchable oil companies eventually go under / become nationalised ? That would be a shocker.

Also, who is going to bail out the eastern european countries? Look what's unfolding there.

China- factories closing by the thousands. What will wal-mart be like without chinese products! ?

Are we going to see the eventual collapse of major currencies and the introduction of a new world currency (Amero?) that's probably already waiting in the sidelines? If we get to the position of not affording a loaf of bread because of future hyperinflation (to follow after this period of stagflation/deflation) then we wil be begging for a solution. There are people out there who think the makers of this global crisis already have the solution to the crisis they generated (problem-reaction-solution), with a few catches.

Criminals in power.

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